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British On-Line Championship 2021, Round 4


Round 4 of the 2021 on-line British Chess Championships was played on 02/08/2021.  This time there were no unexpected result or upsets.


Robert Starley’s apparent second-round nil-point bye, as recorded on Chess-Results.com, got upgraded to a half-point bye, so that he went into round 4 on 2 out of 3.  In round 4 he played as Black against Arjun Kolani.  The players’ ratings differed by only 19 points (2½ old-style grading points), and so where evenly matched on that basis.  There was much shuffling of rooks between files, before White took the plunge and advanced pawns on the king’s side.  Black managed to harvest weak pawns on the queen’s side, then engineered the win of White passed, advanced and isolated f-pawn on which White was relying thereby securing a win.  Click here to play through the game Kolani 0-1 Starley.


Most of the top boards were somewhat one-sided, with the stronger player winning, but Paul Dargan v Yichen Hanh was agreed drawn at move 13, though was nevertheless interesting (at least if you are unfamiliar with the opening).  Maybe this is all standard theory, and maybe Black got caught out in an opening theory battle.  Click here to play through the game Dargan ½-½ Han.


Michael Adams and Keith Arkell now share the lead, each on 3½ out of 4, followed by 5 players (including Robert Starley) on 3 out of 4.


Round 5, on 03/08/2021, sees the leading pairings

Keith Arkell v Michael Adams,

Robert Starley v Bogdan Lalic,

Yichen Han v Chris Duncan.