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Event Calendar 2017-18



NCCU Council Meeting, 02/12/2017


Held at Bradford Latvian Club, Clifton Villas, off Manningham Lane, Bradford


This was officially attended on behalf of the YCA by Noel Stewart and Rupert Jones as YCA delegates to the ECF.  Steve Mann also attended (with the NCCU secretary’s permission) partly to report back, and partly to help eat the food estimably conjured up at short notice by the NCCU treasurer.


The following is a summary of the most relevant information to come out of the meeting.  (Click here for the final official minutes.)


NCCU County Team Entries


Lancashire is once again entering all 6 sections: Open, U-180, U-160, U-140, U-120 and U-100.  Yorkshire is entering all but the U-100.  Earlier ideas of a part-junior U-100 Yorkshire team have come to nothing (unless anyone knows better).


Additionally, Cumbria has entered the U-160 again, while Merseyside has entered the U-120 as a new venture.


As for the Yorks-Lancs matches:

Yorkshire are at home to Lancashire in the U180, U140 and U100;

Lancashire are at home to Yorkshire in Open, U160 and U120.


In light of the resurgent junior activity in the North East, the question was raised of a possible Northumberland County team.


Cheshire & North Wales and Durham are affiliated, but don’t field teams.  Cleveland has disaffiliated.  [Indeed some of their players ought now to be available to represent Yorkshire!]


English County Championships


With regard to an ECF Questionnaire, a discussion took place on how best to get more teams playing and the problems involved.  It was thought that the questionnaire did not address the problems of 16‑player teams and travelling.  Rupert Jones (U-160 team captain) is planning to complete and return the questionnaire.


NCCU Club Championships


Rules have been modified slightly, and following certain problems last year, some rules will be applied more rigorously.  A flier regarding the 2017-18 events was to be sent out soon.  [It is now out, in fact; click here.  Yorkshire clubs are encouraged to consider entering.]


Not all clubs in Yorkshire are affiliated to the YCA or to an Association affiliated to the YCA, yet it is understood clubs affiliated to Yorkshire’s local Associations, Bradford & DCA through alphabetically through to York & DCA, are eligible to enter even if not directly affiliated to the YCA.  The requirement for ECF membership will be strictly applied (otherwise it costs the NCCU money), and the use of “ringers” or “guests” is not allowed.  Otherwise, here is a chance for clubs to win a trophy and win a digital clock.  Entries to be in by 20th January 2018.


Pennine Cup for Under-16 Junior County Teams (originally presented by past Bradford player Gary Kenworthy)


Tim Wall of Northumberland is planning to organise this competition, which is run as a 3-round Jamboree for teams of six players at U-16 age level.  The proposed date was Sunday 10th June 2018 at the Latvian Club in Bradford.  Counties are invited to enter multiple teams.  There was concern that the date could clash with County National final matches, so the possibility of other dates was to be investigated.


Missing Trophies


Three missing NCCU trophies which were thought to be “last seen” with Yorkshire, have been conjured out of their hiding places (in Yorkshire), so the YCA will not need to replace any!


NCCU Presidency


Nomination of the next NCCU president fell to Lancashire, who have nominated Bill O’Rourke, who will assume office for two years at the 2018 NCCU AGM.


NCCU Individual Championships


This will next be hosted by the Heywood Congress, 16th-18th June 2018, so you need to enter that event to become NCCU Individual Champion, Junior Champion or Senior Champion.


Cheap Digital Clocks


A recent offer, through the ECF, of cheap but decent digital clocks was raised by Rupert Jones, who was unaware the offer had technically closed.  Rupert will, however, be looking into whether something else can be arranged from his position on the FIDE Development Commission through which the manufacturers were initially going.


Date and Venue for 2018 AGM


Saturday 26th May 2018, in Leeds if possible (The Grove or West Riding), otherwise at Bradford Latvians again.