Sheffield & District CA Newsletter: 14th Feb 2021

In this newsletter:

1. New Webmaster / Newsletter Secretary

2. New Website

3. New on-line league starts March

1a. New Webmaster

Steve Mann has volunteered to take on the role of Association Webmaster. Steve already maintains a number of websites including one for Yorkshire CA, and the site for Sheffield chess will become an arm of his current suite.

1b. Newsletters

The related role of bulletin/newsletter secretary will return to Steve. (I believe he typed and posted monthly paper bulletins before the age of emails and websites.)

Of immediate importance is the need for email addresses of all who want to continue receiving email newsletters - which is everyone receiving this, hopefully - to be transferred to Steve. You have already given your consent for me to store your data, so for simplicity I intend to transfer a single file with all these addresses to Steve.

Please reply to this email by 26th Feb 2020 if you wish to withdraw your consent for the storage of your name and email address for the purpose of receiving S&DCA newsletters. I will delete your details before transferring the file.

2. New Website

Steve has already copied some pages from the old website to his new one and says it is "ready to be looked at", so here goes:

Important info is already there: Club contacts and other details, constitution and rules...

3. New on-line league

Also note on the new homepage that "On-line Season 2" already has a "box". The recent executive meeting finalised plans for a second Sheffield on-line team event to kick off early in March, and details can be found at, including details of how and when to enter a team.