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Thomas George Shuttleworth (father)

Thomas Edward Shuttleworth (son)

Q4 1840


1864/65, Sheffield



07/05/1865, St. Stephen's, Sheffield

10th/16th December 1920






Thomas George Shuttleworth seems not to have been listed in F. White’s Directory & Topography of Sheffield, 1862.


On the basis of the dates of birth of his children, Thomas George Shuttleworth must have married Elizabeth, his wife, by 1864.  In due course the couple had at least six children, the family consisting therefore of the following:


Thomas George Shuttleworth

born q4 1840, Sheffield

Elizabeth Shuttleworth

born 1840/41, Sheffield

Thomas Ernest Shuttleworth

born 1864/65, Sheffield


baptised 07/051865, St. Stephen's, Sheffield

Beatrice Shuttleworth

born 1866/67, Sheffield

Edith E Shuttleworth

born 1868/69, Sheffield

Percy Shuttleworth

born 1870, Sheffield

Margaret Shuttleworth

born 1873/74, Sheffield

Mable Shuttleworth

born 1877/78


The 1871 census listed him living with his wife Elizabeth, and the first four children, at 136 Broomspring Lane.  The later-mentioned 126 Broomspring Lane appears not to have been mentioned in this census.


By 1879 he was working as an accountant with William Fisher Tasker, in a partnership trading as Tasker and Shuttleworth, accountants, with offices at Wharncliffe Chambers on Bank Street.  Thomas George Shuttleworth lived at 126 Broomspring Lane.  While William Fisher Tasker lived at Ranfall, Ranmoor Park, Sheffield.


White's Directory of Sheffield, Rotherham &c., 1879, listed Thomas as Honorary Secretary, for 1879-80, of the Sheffield Institute of Accountants, and secretary to the Sheffield Bath Company Ltd, formed in 1875, who ran the public baths bounded by Glossop Street, Victoria Street, and Convent Walk.


The 1881 census found Thomas George Shuttleworth and his wife still living at 126 Broomspring Lane, now with all the above six children except Percy, who may have died, or else may have been away at school.  A niece of Thomas’s, ten-year-old scholar Elizabeth Colley, also lived with them.  (Joseph Waddington lived at no. 136.)  Thomas (senior) at this stage was described as a “public accountant”, F.C.A.


Kelly's Directory of West Riding of Yorkshire, 1881, listed Thomas George Shuttleworth, FCA, as still in the Tasker and Shuttleworth partnership at Wharncliffe Chambers, and still secretary to the Sheffield Bath Company, but also as secretary to the Sheffield Fish Company Ltd.  Business partner William Fisher Tasker now lived at Graham Road, Ranmoor.


Son Thomas Ernest Shuttleworth in time followed his son into the accountancy profession.  The partnership between Tasker and Shuttleworth broke up.  Tasker became Sheffield’s city accountant.  Thomas George Shuttleworth and Thomas Ernest Shuttleworth formed their own partnership trading as T. G. Shuttleworth & Son, chartered accountants.


In 1893/94 Thomas Ernest Shuttleworth married Mary Edith [née?], born in Sheffield in 1863/64.


The 1901 census found Thomas George Shuttleworth and his wife Elizabeth, with daughters Beatrice, Margaret and Mabel, living now at 25 Priory Road, Sheffield.  Edith had presumably got married.  Thomas Ernest Shuttleworth was now living at 5 Park Avenue (off Riverdale Road, with runs along the back of Endcliffe Park).


Meanwhile, Thomas Ernest Shuttleworth, described as a chartered accountant, and his wife Mary Edith Shuttleworth, lived at 19 Endcliffe Rise Road with their three children, all Sheffield-born:

Ernest Ronald Shuttleworth     born 1894/95;

Kenneth G. Shuttleworth           born 1895/96;

Harold John Shuttleworth         born 1898/99.


White's Directory of Sheffield & Rotherham, 1901, listed Thomas senior as an accountant living at 25 Priory Road, Sheffield, and son Thomas E. Shuttleworth B.A. as a chartered accountant living at 5 Park Avenue, the two trading as T.G. Shuttleworth & Son, with offices in Royal Insurance Buildings, [32] Church Street.  The father’s former business partner, William Fisher Tasker, FCA, lived at ???? Road, Sheffield.


Around 1901/02 Margaret Shuttleworth married John Walker, and by 1911 the couple had two children, John Richard Walker and Margaret Elizabeth Walker, both seemingly born 1902/03.


White's Directory of Sheffield & Rotherham, 1905, listed T.G. Shuttleworth & Son, with offices in Royal Insurance Buildings, 32 Church Street; Thomas George Shuttleworth living now at 13 Montgomery Road, Sheffield; and Thomas E. Shuttleworth B.A. (London), F.C.A. as a chartered accountant still living at 5 Park Avenue.


The 1911 census revealed that Thomas George Shuttleworth’s wife Elizabeth had died at some time from 1901 to 1911.  There were, nevertheless, a number of family members living at 13 Montgomery Road:

Thomas George Shuttleworth;

Beatrice Shuttleworth;

Gerald Bolsover   born 1904/05, at Sheffield, grandson (Edith’s or Mable’s son);

John Walker         born 1873/74, a Harthill, a steel manager;

Margaret Walker;

John Richard Walker;

Margaret Elizabeth Walker.


Thomas Ernest Shuttleworth, still a chartered accountant, and his wife, now lived at 5 Park Avenue with two of their sons: Ernest Ronald Shuttleworth, a student, and Harold John Shuttleworth, a scholar.  The middle son was still alive, so was possibly at boarding school.


White's Directory of Sheffield & Rotherham, 1911, as well as the 1905 data, listed the son, Thomas Ernest Shuttleworth, as lecturer in accounting in the Economics department of Sheffield University, and hon. sec. of the Sheffield Association of Chartered Accountants.


The firm of T. G. Shuttleworth & Son, Chartered Accountants was operating still in 1927 at the Royal Insurance Building, Church Street, Sheffield (tel. Sheffield 24231).




Thomas G Shuttleworth was a member of Sheffield Athenaeum Chess Club from 1867.  He attended the West Yorkshire Chess Association meeting held at Sheffield in 1868, on which occasion he served as secretary, implying he was SACC secretary at the time.


In the Second Class tournament at that Sheffield WYCA meeting of 1868, he beat W. Ellis of Leeds in round 1, and beat Thomas Fieldsend of Bradford in round 2.  He was due to play Herman Ammelburg of Bradford in the final, but there was not enough time left, so first and second places were shared.


He played Blackburn in a simultaneous display by the latter:

Blackburne Blindfold Simultaneous, Sheffield, 17/02/1873

White: Blackburne, Joseph Henry, Black: Shuttleworth, TG (Sheffield)

1. e4 e5 2. f4 exf4 3. Nf3 g5 4. h4 g4 5. Ne5 h5 6. Bc4 Rh7 7. d4 Bh6 8. Nc3 d6 9. Nd3 f3 10. gxf3 gxf3 11. Qxf3 Bg4 12. Qf2 Bxc1 13. Rxc1 c6 14. Kd2 Nd7 15. Rhf1 Qe7 16. Rce1 O-O-O 17. d5 Ne5 18. Nxe5 dxe5 19. Qxa7 Qd6 20. Kc1 Qg6 21. Qc5 Qd6 22. Qa5 Bd7 23. Rd1 Qc7 24. Qa7 Be8 25. dxc6 Rxd1+ 26. Rxd1 Bxc6 27. Qa8+ Qb8 28. Rd8+ Black resigned.


In the Athenaeum Chess Club v. Rest of the Association match on Tuesday 17th April 1883, T. G. Shuttleworth played on board seven for the Athenaeum against J. Shearer of St. George’s, winning in their first game, the second being unfinished due to lack of time (and no adjudication).  Son T. E. Shuttleworth played on board 23 for the Athenaeum against S. Darwin of Arundel, winning one game and losing the other.


T. G. Shuttleworth and son T. E. Shuttleworth seem also to have been members of Abbeydale Chess Club in March 1883, as they played for Abbeydale in a match versus Wesley College (q.v.).


One of the vice-presidents of Sheffield Chess Club in 1910 was T.E. Shuttleworth.




Thomas George Shuttleworth died at Sheffield on 10th/16th December 1920, aged 80.  He was resident at the time at 31 Beech Hill Road, Broomhill.  Probate was granted to daughter Beatrice, suggesting the father was predeceased by his accountant son, Thomas Ernest Shuttleworth.  He left effects of £8,869 19s 6d.


Thomas Ernest Shuttleworth died 13th June 1922.





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