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1820/21, Sheffield




16/03/1897, Christ Church, Harpurhey, Manchester


Identity of the Chess-Player


Chess records of Thomas Marshall could conceivably refer to more than one person, as it was a common name, but it is assumed there was only one chess-playing Thomas Marshall, and that the solicitor Thomas Marshall who was associated with the Sheffield Athenaeum & Mechanics Institute, were all the same chess-player.  There was, however, at least one other Thomas Marshall born on Sheffield around very much the same time.


Non-Chess Life


The parents of solicitor Thomas Marshall were William Marshall (1894/95, apparently at Crowle, Lincolnshire) and Rebecca Marshall (born 1898,99, Sheffield), who had at least the following five children:


Mary Marshall

born 1818/19

Thomas Marshall

born 1820/21

William A Marshall

born 1823/24

Emma Marshall

born 1832/33

Anne Marshall

born 1839/40


The 1851 census found the parents and above five children living with one servant at Holly House, East Bank, Sheffield.  Father William was a paper manufacturer.  Thomas was a solicitor.  William was an iron and steel merchant.


Later in 1851, Thomas Marshall married Ann Sabina Wolstenholme, in Sheffield.  The couple had at least one child:


Rosetta Maria Marshall

born 1859


The 1861 census found Thomas, Ann, Rosetta and two servants living at 23 Hanover Street, Sheffield.


The 1871 census found the family of three living with one servant at an address loosely described as Endcliffe, but probably on Endcliffe Terrace, as in the 1881 census.  Thomas was an attorney and solicitor.


The 1881 census found the family of three and a servant living at Endcliffe Terrace, probably where they’d been living ten years earlier.


In 1883, Thomas’s daughter, Rosetta Maria Marshall, married Albert Edward Acheson.


In 1890, Thomas’s wife, Ann Sabina Marshall, died.


The 1891 census found widower Thomas Marshall living with his daughter’s family at 103 Moscow Drive, West Derby, Liverpool.




A Thomas Marshall of 32 Moston Lane, Manchester, died at the age of 76, in 1897, in Manchester, and was buried on 16/03/1897, at Christ Church, Harpurhey, Manchester.  This would appear to have been the former Sheffield chess-player.




Thomas Marshall was a member of the Sheffield Athenaeum Chess Club in 1848 and 1849.  He was then honorary secretary to the Sheffield Athenaeum & Mechanics Institute Chess Club from September 1849.  It’s possible he was a member of the (second) Sheffield Chess Club founded by Edmund Thorold and others, as he seems not to have been a member of the Sheffield Athenaeum Chess Club at that stage.  He who was a member of the Sheffield Athenaeum Chess Club over a period of 29 years or more from 1859 onwards.


He played in the 1861 George Lumbley simultaneous display in Sheffield, the 1883 Blackburne simultaneous display in Sheffield and the 1885 Zukertort simultaneous display in Sheffield.


He played for the Athenaeum in the 1883 Sheffield Athenaeum Chess Club v. Rest of the Sheffield & District CA match, the 1885 Sheffield Athenaeum Chess Club v. Rest of the Sheffield & District CA match, and the 1887: Sheffield Athenaeum Chess Club v. Rest of the Sheffield & District CA match.





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