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Henry Glaser’s year of birth as implied by his ages in census returns in1847/48.  However, his age on 20/12/1904was 57, according to a UK incoming passenger list.  That puts his date of birth from 06/04/1847 to 20/12/1847, and his year of birth as definitely 1847.


His place of birth was given in the 1891 census as Leschkau, Bohemia.  In 1901 it was given merely as Austria.  This place is difficult to identify without a gazetteer of Austria, or wherever the place ended up.


At some stage he became a naturalised British subject, which is mentioned in some census returns.


In 1876/77 he married Annie Haigh, daughter of John Haigh, a butcher, and Elizabeth Haigh.  Annie was born in 1847/48, at South Kirkby, 5 miles ENE of Barnsley, and was baptised with the more formal name “Anne”, according to the baptism register, on 23/04/1848.  Henry and Annie had three children, all born in Bradford:


William Henry Glaser

born 1879

Karl Glaser

born 1880

Herbert Glaser

born 1885


Karl Glaser died at or near birth, as both his birth and his death at age “0” were registered at Bradford in the fourth quarter of 1880.


Henry Glaser is elusive in the 1881 census.  Annie Glaser 1-year-old William Henry Glaser were staying at the time of the census with Annie’s mother Elizabeth Haigh, and Elizabeth’s sister, Hannah Maw, at Bishopgate, Howden.  The surname Glaser was written in the census as “Glazier”.  Annie (called Ann in the return) was described as a commission agent’s wife.


White's Directory of Bradford, Halifax &c, 1887, listed Henry Glaser as a stuff merchant, with his business at 23 Leeds Road, Bradford, and his home at 18 Blenheim Road, Bradford.


The 1891 census found the Glaser back together again, with Henry, Annie and the two surviving boys living with one servant at 18 Blenheim Road, Manningham, Bradford.  Henry was described as a cloth merchant.  The two boys were scholars. 


Byles’s Post Office Bradford Directory, 1891, listed Henry Glaser as a stuff and woollen merchant, with his business at 23 Leeds Road, and his home at 18 Blenheim Road.  It also listed Gustav Blumenthall, as a stuff merchant at 7 Selborne Terrace, Bradford.  The two were in time to form a partnership.


White's Directory of Leeds & the Clothing District, 1894, listed Blumenthal, Glaser & Co., 19 Peckover Street, Bradford, as stuff and woollen merchants.


Byles’s Post Office Bradford Directory, 1898, listed Blumenthal, Glaser & Co., 19 Peckover Street, Bradford, as stuff merchants, tel. Bradford 1074.  It listed as partners in this business as Gustave Blumenthal, resident at 4 Clifton Villas (diagonally opposite the present Bradford Chess Club), and Henry Glaser, resident at 2 Walmer Villas, Bradford.


The 1901 census found Henry, Annie, and elder son William, living with two servants at 2 Walmer Villas, Manningham, Bradford.  Henry was a stuff and woollen merchant.  William was an engineering student.


Kellys Bradford Directory, 1901, didn’t list Henry Glaser in the alphabetical section, though it did rather unexpectedly list August Glaser, pork butcher, 13 Wakefield Road, Bradford.  This August appears to be no immediate relation to Henry.  Henry Glaser was still listed in the street section at 2 Walmer Villas.


It seems possible that Henry undertook business trips abroad, which would explain his apparent absence from the 1881 census.  A UK incoming passenger list recorded 57-year-old Henry Glaser arriving at Southampton, from Sydney, Australia, on 20/12/1904, aboard the Scharnhorst of the Norddeutcher Lloyd Bremen shipping line.


The 1911 census, which post-dated Henry’s death, 63-year-old South Kirby-born Mrs Henry Glaser was found as a visitor, rather than inmate, to Manchester Workhouse, New Bridge Street, Manchester.  She was recorded as married rather than widowed, and the census return recorded that she had been married 34 years (fixing her year of marriage as 1876/77), had had three children, and that two of those three still survived (reflecting the death of Karl).




Henry Glaser of 2 Walmer Villas, Bradford, died on 01/11/1909.  Probate was granted to Annie Glaser, widow, and Stephen Catt Haigh, stuff merchant.  His effects totalled £17,908 13s.




“H. Glaser” of Bradford attended the West Yorkshire Chess Association meeting of 1876.


“W. Glaser” of Bradford attended the West Yorkshire Chess Association meeting of 1882.  This was presumably Henry Glaser with a mis-transcribed initial “H”.


He played in the 1883 Yorkshire-Lancashire match.


Both “E. Glaser” and “H. Glaser” of Bradford were recorded by the Leeds Mercury Weekly Supplement as attending the West Yorkshire Chess Association meeting of 1888.  The “E. Glaser” is hard to explain, unless the “Glaser” element was in error.  Perhaps there was an E. Glaser who was related to August Glaser, the pork butcher.


“Glaser” was on the committee formed by Bradford Chess Club to investigate the feasibility of holding the 1888 British Chess Association tournament of 1888 in Bradford.





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