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1866, Hull


1930, Hull, age 63


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C W Dreyer was a son of Prussian-born naturalised British citizens Carl August Dreyer (b. 1822/23, Königsburg, Prussia; d. 1893, Hull, aged 70) and his wife Maria Clara Dreyer (1826/27/28, Königsburg , Prussia; d. 1902, Hull, aged 75) who had at least the following eight children, all born in Hull, three dying in infancy:


John Charles Dreyer

born 1853


Alice Clara Dreyer

born 1854,

died 1859/60

Kate Caroline Dreyer

born 1856/57


Alice Henrietta Dreyer *

born 1858


Anna Wilhelmina Dreyer

born 1860


Clara Louisa Dreyer

born 1863/64,

died 1864

Louisa Matilda Dreyer

born 1865,

died <1872

Charles Wright Dreyer

born 1866


* seemingly registered as Henrietta Alice Dreyer


“Charles” is of course the English version of his father’s first forename.  Where Charles got his middle name from is difficult to discern, but it appears to be the surname of a business partner of father Carl.  (See ref. to 1899 directory below.)


The 1871 census found the family at 24 Ocean Place, Hull.  Carl August Dreyer was a master painter and decorator employing 18 men and 2 boys.  Kate, Alice, Anna and Charles were living at home still, but the eldest, John, may was unmentioned and may have been away at school.


The 1881 census found them at 82 Park Street, Hull.  Father was still a house decorator.  Charles was a scholar.  The household now included a domestic servant.  Of the children, Alice, Anna and Charles remained at home, Kate having married in 1879.


The 1882 Hull directory listed Dreyer, Charles August (of D. & Co.) residing at 82 Park street, Hull, and recorded the business address of Dreyer & Co., painters and decorators, as 7 St. John street, Hull.  Reference to Looke Paul, decorator (Dreyer & Co.) residing at 10 Morpeth street, Hull, and to Stoke Joseph, decorator (Dreyer & Co.) residing at 67 Leonard street, Hull, show who were presumably partners in Carl’s business.


The 1891 census found the family still at 82 Park Street.  Father was still a decorator and the household still had a servant.  Of the children only Anna and Charles remained, Alice having married in 1883.  Charles was now a shipping clerk.


Father Carl August Dreyer died in 1893 in Hull, aged 71, making Charles the bread-winner.  The 1899 Hull directory accordingly listed “Mrs. Dreyer” at 82 Park Street.  It also listed Wright, Dreyer & Co. commission agents & fruit merchants, 115 High street, Hull, hinting at the origin of our man’s middle name.


The 1901 census found the family still at 82 Park Street.  Widowed Maria lived on her own means.  Charles was now a fruit merchant and an employer, so he owned his own business.  Anna remained at home.  There were now two servants.


On 02/08/1905, at St Augustine of Hippo, Newland, Hull, 39-year-old Charles Wright Dreyer, now resident at 9 Victoria Avenue, Hull, married Eva Waterhouse (born 1879, Hull), of Brookland, Victoria Avenue. Hull, daughter of Edward Waterhouse (probably the chess-player “E. Waterhouse”, though some uncertainty exists as to the identity of “E. Waterhouse”).


The 1911 census found Charles and Eva living with one servant at 17 Victoria Avenue, Hull.  At 45 years of age Charles was now a retired fruit merchant.


During the first world war, as soldier number 27520, Charles served as a driver in the Royal Field Artillery, fighting against his parents’ native country.


The 1913 and 1991 directories showed the firm of Dreyer & Co., painters, lived on at 44 Anlaby Road, and recorded Charles Wright Dreyer as living at 17 Victoria Avenue still.




C. W. Dreyer played toward the lower end of Hull’s Woodhouse Cup team from 1900 to 1911, possibly before and probably later.  He played for N&E Ridings against the West Riding in the 28/11/1903 Inter-Riding match.


He also held office in Hull Chess Club, being for instance treasurer 1897-98.




Charles Wright Dreyer died in 1930, in Hull, aged 63.  Wife Eva died in 1948, in the Holderness district.







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