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25/10/1865, St John and St Barnabas, Holbeck, Leeds


06/01/1945, Wickersley, Rotherham




Non-Chess Life


The parents of James Thomas Dayson were James Mann Dayson (born 1842/43, Holbeck, near Leeds) and Priscilla Dayson (born 1846/47, Leeds), who had at least the following four children


James Thomas Dayson

born 03/10/1865, Leeds

Joseph O Dayson

born 1867, Sheffield

Harriet Ann Dayson

born May/Jun 1870, Sheffield

Albert Ogden Dayson

born 1877, Sheffield


In James Thomas Dayson’s baptismal record, his father was recorded as a telegraph clerk living at 34 Derby Street, Leeds.


It is evident from the childrens’ places of birth that the family moved from Leeds to Sheffield in 1866, give or take a year.


Our man was not evident in the Sheffield directories of 1865 or 1868, but White’s General & Commercial Directory of Sheffield, 1871, listed James Dayson, clerk, living at Prospect Road, Sheffield.


The 1871 census found parents James (senior) and Priscilla living with James (junior), Joseph, Harriett and a servant at 56 Prospect Road, Sheffield, in the Heeley district of Sheffield.  Father James was a postal telegraph clerk.  James (junior) and Joseph were scholars.


The 1881 census found parents James and Priscilla living with children James, Harriet and Albert, but no servant living at an address described no more explicitly than “Hillsbro”, which presumably meant the district of Hillsborough.  James senior was described as in the civil service, telegraph department, while James junior was a clerk in a telegraph office, so following in his father’s footsteps.  Harriet was a scholar.


The 1891 census found James Thomas Dayson had left home and was lodging at 29 Roe Lane, in the Pitsmoor area of Sheffield.  He was listed merely as a clerk, so he had perhaps moved from the telegraph office to some commercial concern.


James Thomas Dayson married Edith Mary Thickett (born 1867/68, Sheffield) in 1893, in Sheffield.  The couple had no children in the first 17 years of marriage (per 1911 census) and so presumably had no children at all.


White’s Sheffield directory of 1896 seems not to have listed or man, but the 1898 and 1900 directories listed James Thomas Dayson at 147 Abbeyfield Road, Sheffield.


The 1901 census found James and Edith living at 145 Abbeyfield Road, in the Pitsmoor area of Sheffield.  James was now specifically a commercial clerk.  This apparent change of address seems probably merely to have been a mistake somewhere.


The directories of 1901 and 1903 persisted with the number 147, but in 1905 switched to 145, presumably correcting an earlier error.


The 1906 directory found our man had genuinely moved, to 252 Abbeyfield Road, Sheffield.


The 1911 census found James and Edith at 252 Abbeyfield Road.  James was now a managing commercial clerk.


Kelly’s Sheffield directories of 1928 and 1930 listed our man still at 252 Abbeyfield Road, but those of 1931 and after no longer listed our man.


In time James moved to 62 Goose Lane, Wickersley, on the edge of Rotherham.  This was perhaps around 1931, on the basis of the directory evidence.




James Thomas Dayson died on 06/01/1945, at Wickersley.  Probate was granted to his wife Edith Mary Dayson.  He left £3,409 12s 10d.




“J. T. Dayson” played for Sheffield in the Woodhouse Cup on relative low boards (20, 18, 15) from 1888-89 to 1892-93.


He played for Arundel in the Sheffield league.


He was one of Lasker’s opponents in the latter’s 1908 simultaneous display in Sheffield.





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