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07/06/1840, Wakefield


04/07/1840, All Saints, Wakefield


05/03/1905, Wakefield



Edward Day was a son of William Michael Day (born 08/07/1810, Wakefield), a wine and spirit merchant of Wakefield, and wife Mary Ann Day (born 1812, Barnsley), a milliner of Wakefield.  The couple had at least the following three children:

Samuel Day

born 29/05/1838, Wakefield;

Edward Day

born 07/06/1840, Wakefield;

Mary Ellen Day

born 1845/46, Wakefield


Edward was thus born 29/05/1838, in Wakefield.  He was baptised 04/07/1840 at All Saints, Wakefield, by J/T (?)P. Simpson, curate.


The 1841 census found 1-year-old Edward living with his parents and older brother at Kirkgate, Wakefield.  For details of his parents and siblings see separate article on Samuel Day.


Details of brother Samuel’s education are unclear, but we know Edward was sent away to school, as he appears in the 1851 census as a 10-year-old scholar at a school run by 33-year-old Sheffield-born William Stacy at High Street, Tadcaster.  The Stacy family’s immediate household consisted of William Stacy, his 28-year-old Tadcaster-born wife Elizabeth, a governess, a general servant, and three Stacey children, all described as scholars at home, Annie Maria (11), Louisa (5) and Charlotte (3).  As regards the school, as well as William Stacy, who was described as a teacher, there was Robert Roe Royers (?) a 17-year-old Dewsbury-born assistant teacher, seven boys (including Edward) and one girl.  The boys were each described as “scholar” whereas the girl was described as “pupil”.


The 1861 census found 20-year-old Edward Day living at a grocer’s shop in Market Place, Wakefield, with 29-year-old Pudsey-born Thomas Verity Sykes.  The latter was described as “grocer’s manager” (therefore presumably not the owner), while Edward was described as “assistant”.


Edward seems to have taken steps to improve his prospects by setting up as an accountant and estate agent.


By about mid-1868 he had got married to Sarah (born January to April 1842, Wakefield).  The couple had at least the following two children:

Edward Ernest Day

born 1868/69, Wakefield

Alfred Rhodes Day

born July/August 1870, Wakefield


White's Directory of Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Halifax, Wakefield &c, 1870, listed Edward Day as accountant, insurance agent &c. at George Street, Wakefield, with his home at Elm Cottage, Hatfield Road, Wakefield.


The 1871 census found Edward and Sarah, their two children living, and a servant, living at Hatfield Road, Wakefield.  Edward was described as an accountant and estate [insurance?] agent.


The death of Sarah Day, aged 32, was registered at Wakefield in the third quarter of 1874.


By about mid-1878, Edward had got married again, to Selina (born 1849/50, Darrington, 2 miles SE of Pontefract).  The couple had at least the the following two children to join the previous two.

Percy Leng Day

born 1877/78, Wakefield

Florence Evelyn Day

born 1878/79, Wakefield


Kelly's Directory of West Riding of Yorkshire, 1881, listed Edward Day at Milnthorpe, Wakefield.


The 1881 census found 40-year-old Edward and 31-year-old Selina living with all four children and two servants at Woodthorpe Villa, Milnthorpe Green, Sandal Magna.  Edward was still and accountant and estate agent.  The two older children were scholars.  Woodthorpe and Milnthorpe are clearly evident on modern maps, but the location of Woodthorpe Villa is less evident.


White's Directory of Bradford, Halifax, Wakefield &c, 1887, listed Edward Day as accountant, share broker, property and insurance agent, and agent for Sutton & Co.’s and the Globe Parcels Express parcels carriers, at 3 King Street, with home at Haddingley Hill, Sandal


The 1891 census found 50-year-old Edward and 41-year-old Selina, with the youngest three children (not Edward Ernest Day) and two servants, living at Mary Gates Terrace, Sandal Magna.  The location of Mary Gates Terrace is unclear.  Nearby lived 29-year-old Thornton Lees-born Joe Kilner, glass bottle manufacturer, one of the Kilners of “Kilner jar” fame.


The death of Selina Day, aged 42, was registered at Wakefield in the first quarter of 1892.


The 1901 census found 60-year-old Edward, still an accountant and estate agent, living with 30-year-old Alfred, 23-year-old Percy, and one servant.  Alfred was cashier and bookkeeper at a gas works, probably the one where his uncle, Samuel Day, was secretary.




Edward Day, accountant of Wakefield, died 05/03/1905.  Administration of his will was granted to Edward Ernest Day, commercial traveller, and Alfred Rhodes Day, accountant.  He left effects of £1,945 4s 8d.




He attended the West Yorkshire Chess Association meetings of 1885 (when Samuel was also present), 1888 & 1889.


According to the Huddersfield College Magazine it was Edward Day (not Samuel) who played for Wakefield in a six-board match against Leeds at the 1874 WYCA meeting at Huddersfield.





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