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01/07/1877, Hunslet, Leeds


11/09/1877, Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Hunslet




Non-Chess Life


Frederick William Darby was born to William Darby (born 1844/45, Hunslet) and Emily May Alice Darby (née Walker, 1848, Hunslet), who had at least the following four children, all born at Hunslet:


Llewellyn B. Darby

born Sep/Oct 1870

Arthur Edward Darby

born 1872/73

Ethel Mary Darby

born 1875/76

Frederick William Darby

born 01/07/1877


Frederick William Darby was baptised on 11/09/1877 at the Wesleyan Chapel, Hunslet, Leeds.


Father William Darby died at the age of 34, in 1878.


The 1881 census found widowed Emily and the four children living with one servant at 8 Anchor Terrace.  The three elder children were scholars.


On 18/09/1888, at St. Peter’s, Hunslet Moor, the 40-year-old widow Emily May Alice Darby, of 36 Prospect Terrace, daughter of the late Joseph Ambler Walker, married 26-year-old bachelor, George Frederic Finister, bookkeeper of 16 Arlington Grove, son of the late George Finister, Blacksmith.


The 1891 census found George and Emily Finister living with the four Darby children and two servants at 36 Prospect Terrace, Hunslet.  George was an iron merchant’s clerk.  Llewellyn was a flaw spinner’s clerk.  Arthur was a newspaper clerk.


At some time from 1891 to 1901, the family moved to Harrogate.


The 1901 census found George, Emily, the youngest three children, and a servant, living at 4 Hyde Park Road, Harrogate.  George was now a bedstead and mattress manufacturer, and employer.  Arthur was a newspaper’s bookkeeper.  “Fred” was a traveller in bedsteads, evidently working for his step-father, George Finister.


The 1911 census found George, Emily, the youngest three children, and a servant, still living at 4 Hyde Park Road, Harrogate.  The families occupations were unchanged.




Insufficient information is to hand to determine when or where he died, there having been a number of people of the same name.




He player for West Yorkshire, as a Leeds player, in the 1903 West Riding v North & East Ridings match.


F. W. Darby played for Leeds St. Martin’s in the Woodhouse Cup competitions of 1903-04 and 1904-05, then for Leeds from 1905-06 to 1934-35.  In the latter season he was playing typically on board 3 or 4.  From 1935-36 he no longer played in the Woodhouse Cup, possibly proving a pointer to his year of death.


As a correspondence chess-player he participated in the Kitchin Memorial Trophy competition, winning (at least) in 1916-17, 1924-25, and 1934-35.  When one considers that Kitchin winners are ineligible to participate in the following seven seasons after a season when they won, that record represents wins in three out of at most five attempts over the period 1916 to 1935.  In connection with the Kitchin competition he was listed, as an individual, as coming from Harrogate, rather than Leeds.





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