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The Conde family, sometimes listed alphabetically under “G.” standing for the hyphenated “Garcia-Conde”, included a number of consular officials whose calling was presumably what brought the family to England, their arrival being at some time from 1891 to 1900.  “De Garcia Conde” is a alternative to “Garcia-Conde”.  Back home in Mexico, our man’s name would have been spelt with diacritics, as “Adrián (De) García Conde”, but in this country nobody seemed to bother with the fiddly bits, so they are omitted here, as in the sources.  The family members themselves seem to have regarded there surname for English purposes as “Conde” as the “Garcia” bit was sometimes omitted.


Adrian Garcia Conde’s parents were Joaquin Garcia Conde (born 1851/52, Mexico) and Manuela M. Garcia Conde (born 1855/56, Mexico).  This couple had at least the following seven children, all born in Mexico:


Joaquin Garcia Conde, junior

born 1879/80

Alfonso Garcia Conde

born 1882

Jorge Garcia Conde

born 1884/85

Adrian Garcia Conde

born 04/05/1886

Paulina Garcia Conde

born 1887/88

Manuel Garcia Conde

born 1890/91

Esperanza Garcia Conde

born 1891/92


Ages in the 1901 census and the death index imply Adrian Garcia Conde was born in 1886.  His date of birth is popularly quoted as 04/05/1886, which gets coupled with the correct date of death, and so is probably correct.  His place of birth is allegedly Valladolid in Mexico’s Yucatan province.


Gore's Directory of Liverpool & Birkenhead, 1900, listed (under “G.”) Joaquin Garcia-Conde, Mexican Consul-General, with business address at the Consulate, 23 Brockley Building, 51 South John Street, Liverpool, and home at 156 Prince’s Road, Liverpool.  It similarly listed Joaquin Garcia-Conde, junior, as an attaché at the consulate, also resident at 156 Prince’s Road.


The 1901 census found the two parents and five children (neither Paulina nor Esperanza) living at 156 Prince’s Road, Toxteth Park, Liverpool.  Joaquin senior was listed as Mexican Consul-General.  Joaquin junior was 1st attaché at the consulate and Alfonso was 2nd attaché.  14-year-old Adrian had no specified occupation.


Father, Joaquin Garcia Conde senior, died at some time from 1901 to 1911.


The 1911 census found the widowed mother, described as “Manuela M. De Garcia Conde”, living with Alfonso, Paulina and Esperanza, still at 156 Prince’s Road, Toxteth Park, Liverpool.  Alfonso was now Mexican Consul in Manchester, so Joaquin junior was perhaps consul in Liverpool.  The enumerator recorded that Mrs. Garcia had declined to give her age, but he correctly estimated (perhaps on whispered advice!) that it was 55.


Adrian Garcia Conde is elusive in the 1911 census.  He was still resident in Liverpool in 1908, but after that he lived for a while in Bradford (from 1916 or before, and at least as late as 1919).


Adrian seems to have moved to London by 1922, as an Adrien [sic] Garcia Conde was on the 1922 electoral role as a resident at Hampden Club, Camden.


When he moved from London to Hull is unclear, but he was resident in Hull for the chess season 1924-25, though he returned in due course to London.


The marriage of Adrian G. Conde to Elsie Maria Barker was registered in the fourth quarter of 1930, at St. Pancras, London, and so he was presumably resident in London by then, or at least thereafter.


At the time of his death, in 1943, Adrian Garcia Conde was resident at 1 Lorne Road, Hornsey, London.




Adrian Garcia Conde died on 13/05/1943, at the Royal Northern Hospital, North London.  The death of Adrian G. Conde, at age 57, was registered in the second quarter of 1943, at Islington.  Administration, with will, was granted to Elsie Maria Conde, widow.  He left £144.




He represented Lancashire in the 1908 Lancashire v Yorkshire match.


Before joining Bradford Chess Club he played in two tournaments abroad, the 1910 Hamburg tournament, finishing 6th with 8½ out of 14, and the 1911 San Sebastian tournament were he also finished 6th.  (Where was he living at this time?)


He joined Bradford Chess Club around October 1916.  At Bradford he played a match with Fred Dewhirst Yates, who joined the club shortly after.  The match was tied.


He won Bradford Chess Club’s Priestman Trophy in the 1918-19 season, with Yates finishing in second place.


He played in the 1919 Hastings Victory Tournament, finishing 10th out of 12, on 3½ out of 11.


He played in the 1922/23 Hastings tournament, finishing 4th-5th =.


While living in Hull he played on board one for Hull in the 1924-25 Woodhouse Cup, but played only in Hull’s home matches, not its away matches, with the following results:



A G Conde



H W Hodgkinson



A G Conde



G W Moses



A G Conde



H E Atkins



A G Conde


1 0

P Wenman



Shortly after, while still advertised as coming from Hull, he played in the first Whitsun tournament organised by Scarborough Chess Club, in 1925.


Subsequent events he played in included 1929 London Quadrangular Tournament (3rd-4th=), in the Premier A tournament at the British Chess Association congress at Ramsgate 1929 (6th-7th=), in the Premier A tournament at Margate 1936 (1st-2nd=), and British Chess Association congress at Bournemouth in 1939 (6th – there was no British Championship as such that year).





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