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Made in Yorkshire



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07/05/1872, Gomersal


06/07/1872, St. Peter’s, Birstall


08/06/1933, Scarborough






Printed reference to him as “H. Ashwell Cadman” suggests he was known by his middle name, “Ashwell”, rather than “Henry”, the latter being reserved within the family for his father.  For reasons best known to himself, he adopted the name “C. A. Mann” when entering a number of congresses


Non-Chess Life


Henry Ashwell Cadman’s parents were Henry Cadman (senior; born 1841, Sheffield) and Mary Anne Cadman (née Ashwell, 1850, Waddington - 6 miles south of Lincoln - Lincs.), who had at least the following 9 children, all born at Gomersal:


Henry Ashwell Cadman

born 07/05/1872

William Carr Cadman

born 1874

Minnie Cadman

born 1875

Charles Herbert Cadman

born 1879

Edith Maud Cadman

born Nov/Dec 1880

Eveline Cadman

born 1882

Ethel Cadman

born 1884

Beatrice Cadman

born 1886

Arthur Cadman

born 1891/92


Henry Ashwell Cadman was baptised at St. Peter’s, Gomersal, on 06/07/1872.  The baptism register showed father Henry to be a solicitor.


The 1881 census found the parents, first five children and three servants living at Broom Hill House, Gomersal.  Father Henry was a solicitor, and the three eldest children were scholars.


The 1891 census found the parents, the first 8 children except Minnie, and three servants living at Broom Hills, Gomersal, which sounds very much as though they were possibly in the same house as ten years earlier.  Father Henry was still a solicitor.  Henry Ashwell Cadman was a solicitor’s articled clerk, Charles was apprenticed to a worsted manufacturer, and the eldest three girls were scholars.


By about 1894, father Henry was living in Harrogate.  He was not mentioned in Armstrong’s directories dated 1893 and 1894-95, but in those dated 1895-96, 1897-98 and 1890-1900 he was listed as a solicitor living at Ashville, Clarence Drive, Harrogate.  Henry soon after moved to Ikley, where he died in 1904.


On 15/06/1899, at St Mary’s, Gomersal, 27-year-old Henry Ashwell Cadman, solicitor of Gomersall, married 27-year-old Mary Emma Roberts, daughter of Samuel Drake Roberts, gentleman of Gomersal.  The couple has at least the following two children, both born at Gomersal:


Henry Roberts Cadman

born Apr/May 1900

Ethel Mary Carr Cadman

born 1902


The 1901 census found parents, 10-month-old Henry junior, Henry senior’s unmarried sister Minnie, and two servants, living at Hill Top, Gomersal.  Hill Top is a locality within Gomersal.  The Cadman solicitors, father and son, owned offices there.  Henry junior was a solicitor working on his own account.


Father Henry Cadman died on 01/01/1904, and was buried in Ilkley Cemetery.


After his father’s death in 1904, Henry Ashwell Cadman continued the family solicitor’s business in partnership with Reginald Michell Grylls (b. 1869/70, d. 1949 – name commemorated in that of R M Grylls Middle School, Hightown, Liversedge).


The 1911 census found Henry senior, his wife Mary, his daughter Ethel, his sister Eveline (though he spelt his sister’s name “Evelyn” in the census return) and two servants, at “Gomersal, nr. Leeds”.  Henry senior was still a solicitor, employing other people.


From 1915 (or before) to about 1928 Henry Ashwell Cadman was resident at Hill Top House, Gomersal.  This may have been his residence at Hill Top since 1899.


Kelly’s West Riding directory dated 1927 listed Henry Ashwell Cadman residing at Hill Top House, Gomersal.  It also listed the premises of Cadman, Grylls & Co. as West Riding Bank Chambers, Northgate, Cleckheaton, also Gomersal.


In 1928 or 1929 our man moved to 11 The Valley, Scarborough, were he was listed in the directories from 1929 onwards, even as late as 1937, four years after his death!


The solicitors’ firm of Cadman, Grylls & Co. continued trading under that name, being listed in Kelly’s West Riding directory of 1936 at Martin’s Bank Chambers, Northgate, Cleckheaton, at which time Reginald Michell Grylls resided at Broomhill, Elland Road, Gomersal (as he had in 1927 and doubtless before).




Henry Ashwell Cadman died at Scarborough on 08/06/1933.




The locations of chess clubs nearest to Gomersal would have been in Dewsbury, Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield.  Dewsbury might have been too weak to interest our man, while Leeds and Bradford might have been too strong.  He was in fact a member of Huddersfield Chess Club for the purposes of the Woodhouse Cup, but earlier played on board 1 for Gomersal in the YCA Minor Competition.


In congress chess he chose to adopt the pseudonym “C. A. Mann”, and under that name he played in the following:

1913 NCCU Congress at Blackpool, 1914 NCCU Congress at Blackpool, 1923 NCCU Congress at Liverpool, 1926 Weston-super-Mare Congress, 1926 Scarborough Congress.


In the 1924-25 Woodhouse Cup “H. A. Cadman” played typically on board 3, 4 or 5 in Huddersfield’s team.


The move to Scarborough was convenient for participation in the Scarborough Whit Congress.  Accordingly, he played (under his real name) in the top section at Scarborough 1929 (won jointly by Harold Saunders and Saviely Tartakover on 6 out of 7).  Our man finished 8th out of 8, scoring only one win, over Charles Fenton Bolland.


“H. Ashwell Cadman, 11 The Valley, Scarborough”, acted as local congress director in connection with the 1930 BCF Congress at Scarborough.





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