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The parents of Alfred Neave Brayshaw were Alfred Brayshaw (born 1830/31, Leeds) and Jane Brayshaw (born 1839/40, Manchester), who had at least the following six children, all born in Manchester:


Alfred Neave Brayshaw

born 1861/62

Elizabeth Brayshaw

born 1864/65

Stephenson Brayshaw

born 1865/66

Edith J Brayshaw

born 1869/70

Shipley Neave Brayshaw

born 1871/72

Edmund Russell Brayshaw

born 1878/79


The birth of Alfred Neave Brayshaw was registered in the first quarter of 1862, at Chorlton, Manchester.


The 1871 census found the parents, the first four children, and two servants living at 299 Oxford Street, Manchester.  Father Alfred was a grocer, employing one man and two boys.


It appears young Edith may have died, between 1871 and 1881, as she is not listed with her siblings in the 1881 census, which listed the parents, the other five children and one servant living at 26 Cecil Street, Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester.  Father Alfred was still a grocer.  19-year-old Alfred N. Brayshaw was now a law student.  Stephenson and Shipley were scholars.


Despite having been a law student, Alfred Neave Brayshaw embarked on a career as a schoolmaster.


The 1891 census found 29-year-old Manchester-born Alfred N. Brayshaw living at Oliver’s Mount School, Scarborough, where he was an assistant, teaching English.


Chess records show he was still in Scarborough in 1894, but within seven years he had changed jobs (at least once) as the 1901 census found 39-year-old Manchester-born Alfred Neave Brayshaw (with his name in full) boarding at the Friends’ School at 51 Bootham, York, where he was a schoolmaster, though his subject was on this occasion unspecified.


The 1911 census described him as a lecturer, suggesting he have become more than a run-of-the-mill schoolmaster.  At the time of the 1911 census, unmarried 49-year-old Manchester-born Alfred Neave Brayshaw (named in full, probably in his own hand, as the style of writing changed for his name) visiting 41 Shaftesbury Avenue, Southampton, which was the home of Cornish-born company secretary, Arnold Elliott.  Alfred’s connection with this family is not evident.


At some stage he resumed residence in Scarborough, but travelled abroad.  It seems he may have been resident in the United States for a while; on 23/05/1925, he arrived at Liverpool, having come from Canada aboard the Cunard steamship Aurania; 63-year-old Alfred N. Brayshaw was shown in the passenger list as a lecturer whose “proposed address in the United Kingdom” was 72 Westborough, Scarborough, but his “country of last permanent residence” was given as the U.S.A., and his “country of intended future permanent residence” was given as England.


A later trip to America is shown by the passenger list of British passengers embarking onto the American Farmer, at London, on 13/01/1928.  65-year-old lecturer Alfred Neave Brayshaw (name typed in full) was listed as having been resident at Coppice Lane Cottage, Disley, Stockport, and as destined for New York.  His “country of last permanent residence” and “country of intended future permanent residence were both given as England; so this was just a visit.


Clearly, his place of residence changed quite a bit, but he ended up in Scarborough




Alfred Neave Brayshaw of 72 Westborough, Scarborough, died on 03/02/1890, aged 78, at Stamford House Nursing home, Westwood, Scarborough.  Probate was granted to Shipley Neave Brayshaw and Edmund Russell Brayshaw, company directors.  He left £5,166 9s 4d.




“A. N. Brayshaw” played for Scarborough in the 1894 Scarborough v Whitby match, when he scored 2-0 against George Longbotham Miller.  One suspects he had earlier played chess in Manchester, and perhaps later in York.





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