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24/02/1838, Werden, Prussia


31/03/1838, Werden, Prussia


1915, Hastings




Identity of the Chess-Player


The uncommon surname and three initials are sufficient identify the chess-player “J. C. F. Anger” as either of a father and son pair called John Charles Frederick Anger.  Since the son would be too young to be the chess-player, in the latter’s earlier chess career, the chess-player must be the father.


The Name


His name was originally the German “Johann Carl Friedrich Anger”.  It was common in those days to Anglicise such German names after settling in England, hence we get John Charles Frederick Anger, which is how he was known for day-to-day purposes.  The “John” and “Charles” cropped up often enough, though the “Frederick” was rarely met with, the versions encountered usually being at most “John Charles F. Anger”, as in his marriage and death registration index entries.  However, when he dissolved a business partnership in 1877, his full name was given as “Johann Carl Frederick Anger”.  So, why anglicise only the Friedrich to Frederick?  The answer seems to be that he used “Frederick” as his day-to-day forename.  Thus the 1877 dissolution notice was signed “J. C. Frederick Anger”.  Also, his signature on his 1911 census return looks to be “F. Anger”.


Curiously, Gaige gives his name as “Anger, Frederic(k)”, though there is no apparent evidence for entertaining the variation “Frederic”, which is neither in his native German nor in his adopted English.


Non-Chess Life


Johann Carl Friedrich Anger was born on 24/02/1838, in Werden, Prussia, to parents Carl Friedrich Anger and Christine née Goedderts.  He was baptised on 31/03/1838, in Werden.  When or why he came to England is not evident.


The 1861 census found 23-year-old Prussian-born “John C. F. Anger” living in a lodging house at 28 University Street, Marylebone, London.  He was a “proprietor of iron mines”.  This is the last we hear of “iron mines”, which seem difficult to believe in.


In 1882, Frederick became a naturalised British subject.  On 21/08/1862 “John C. F. Anger” was issued with a passport – number 61348.


For a while Frederick stopped quoting his first forename, so that his marriage registration and 1871 census return lacked the “John”.


In 1870 (or late 1869) “Charles Frederick Anger” (per marriage index) married Margaret Ann Sim (born 1849/50, London).


The 1871 census found 33-year-old Prussian-born naturalised British Subject “Charles F. Anger”, wife Margaret A Anger, 3-month-old daughter Margaret Anger, and a servant living on North Hill, Highgate, London.  Our man, under his revised name, was now a traveller in fancy goods.  They had at least the following children:


Margaret Anger

born Dec/Jan 1870/71, Edmonton, London

Frederick Anger

born 28/06/1872, London

Edward Anger

born 1876/77, London

“Gurdon” (Gustav?) Anger

born 1878/79, London


He was evidently for a while in partnership with one Frederic (this time correctly and unusually without a “k”) Ough.  A notice of dissolution of the partnership which appeared in the London Gazette of 05/10/1877, read as follows:


Notice is hereby given, that the Partnership heretofore subsisting between us the undersigned, Frederic Ough and Johann Carl Frederick Anger, carrying on business as Wholesale Fancy Stationers, at 9, King Edward Street, in the City of London, under the style or firm of Ough and Anger, was dissolved this day by mutual consent. – Dated the 29th day of September, 1877.


Frederic Ough,

J. C. Frederick Anger.


A Mary Anger died aged 31 late in 1880, in the Epsom district.  This looks to have been Frederick’s wife.


In 1881, “John Charles F. Anger” married Maria Ashburner Marshall.  With his second wife Frederick had at least the following children:


Cooer Maria B Anger

born 1883, Kensington

Hilda Marion A Anger

born 15/10/1884

William Ashburner Anger

born 1885/86

Hilda Adela Anger

born 1886/87, 10/08/1887

Victoria Louise M Anger

born 1887/88, Hampstead

Julia Victoria Anger

born 1888/89, Hampstead

Maud Ashburner Anger

born 1888/89, Hampstead

Emilie Irene Anger

born 1889/90, Hampstead

Annie Madeleine Anger

born 1889/90, Hampstead


Frederick is elusive in the 1881 census.


At the time of Hilda Marion’s birth in 1884, and Hilda Adela’s birth, the family lived at Adelaide House, Brondesbury Road, Kilburn.


The 1891 census found “John Chas: Fred: Anger”, wife and nine children and three servants, living at 16b Lawn Road, Hampstead.  Frederick was a wholesale stationer.


Maria Ashburner Anger died in 1891, in Hampstead, aged 33, perhaps in childbirth.


The 1901 census found widowed “John C Anger” and six children living at Connaught, Bormells(?) Road, Wandsworth.  The children’s names contained some oddities.  In particularly, the twins were named as Dorothy and Daisy, which is manifestly wrong.


The 1911 census found “J. C. F. Anger”, and daughters Hilda Adela and Julia living at 74 The Chase, Clapham.




The death of “John C F Anger” was registered in the fourth quarter of 1915 in Hastings.




He played for the City of London Chess Club in the 1880s and 1890s.  He also played in British Chess Association Congresses, managing to come 1st equal with Charles Locock in the British Amateur Championship of 1887, but lost the play-off.


He played in both North v South of England matches, of 1893 and 1894 respectively.






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