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Northern Counties Chess Union

Established 1899

A constituent unit of the English Chess Federation


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About the NCCU


The objectives of the Northern Counties Chess Union are to promote, encourage and foster chess, especially in the North of England.  The NCCU has addressed this by holding competitions such as the county, club and individual championships for over 100 years, and by making awards.


The affairs of the NCCU are conducted in accordance with the constitution by a Council which consists of 2 representatives from each constituent county and the officers, and by its officers between meetings.


There are usually two NCCU Council meetings per year (one being the AGM).  The minutes are placed on the minutes page.



About this Website


This particular website was launched in October 2022, and was thrown together initially with material from difference sources, some of which material is progressively being refined.  Whilst the website is believed to be already operational, it will gradually evolve in time, and NCCU officials may well wish to make suggestions/requests.


Note: If text is underlined then it is a link - to another webpage (internal or external), or a “jump” to another part of the page.


Experience shows that creating a website is pretty pointless if it is not maintained.  Maintenance depends on contributions and input.  However, experience shows that external contributions and input are relatively rare, and so, in reality, it is necessary for the webmaster to be proactive in generating material; the webmaster needs to be not just the printing press but also the chief reporter.   (Steve Mann, webmaster, 15/10/2022)