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Northern Counties Chess Union

Established 1899

A constituent unit of the English Chess Federation


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County Matches Played 05/03/2023


Four NCCU matches were played on 05/03/2023.


Northumberland and Yorkshire met in the Open and Under 2050, at Darlington Dolphin Centre, Horse Market, Darlington, Co. Durham, as a midway venue.  Cleveland met Greater Manchester in the Under 2050 at Guppy's Enterprise Club, York (venue of York Chess Club), again as a midway venue.  Merseyside met Yorkshire in the Under 1850 at Wallasey Central Conservative Club, 90 Manor Road, Wallasey, Merseyside.  Match results were as follows:






Under 2050




Under 2050



Gr. Manchester

Under 1850





In the Open, the above Open match completed the schedule of Open matches.  It left each competing county with one match win and one match loss.  Northumberland, and Greater Manchester had each accumulated 12˝ game points to Yorkshire 11, pushing Yorkshire into third place, while the tie between the other two is resolved in Northumberland’s favour by their individual match result.  (That is the writer’s interpretation of the rules, though the “official” verdict will doubtless be announced later.


In the Under 2050, Northumberland are in the lead, but the match Cleveland v Yorkshire remains to be played (scheduled for 25th March), and a 3-9 loss by Yorkshire to Cleveland, or better, would seem to be sufficient for Yorkshire to end up as overall winners, if only on a game-point tie-break, leaving Northumberland second.


In the Under 1850, Yorkshire seems now to have secured first place irrespective of the result of the one match yet to be played, between Greater Manchester and Merseyside (also scheduled for 25th March).  Although Cumbria is currently in second place by a hair’s breadth, if Greater Manchester scores at least  1˝ game points against Merseyside then they will finish second, it seems.


The Under 1650 and Under 1450 have already concluded with Yorkshire coming first and Greater Manchester second in each case.


(All above verdicts are as calculated by the writer, who could have made a mistake!)