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In 1844, a leading Leeds chess-player of the day, Robert Alexander Brown, more frequently referred to as R. A. Brown, produced a book, “Chess Problems”, containing a hundred “chess problems”, some of which would now be termed “studies”, along with the moves of ten games.  The book will have been popular at the time for its interest and amusement value, but it is of interest historically for at least two reasons: firstly, the ten games include the four from the two Leeds-Liverpool correspondence matches played over the period 1838 to 1841, along with match details not elsewhere available; secondly, it included, like other books of the period, a list of subscribers which provides names of players around at the time.  Such lists often supply forenames of initials not quoted in all sources.


The hundred problems, not all of which are “problems” according to today’s somewhat artificially restrictive use of the term by problemists, are by only eight composers:



by R. A. Brown himself (Leeds),


by E.J. Catlow (London),


by T. Kling (London),


by Silas Angas (Durham, later Newcastle‑upon‑Tyne),


by “J. McG____y” (London – presumably McGahy),


by W. Bone (London),


by C. Forth (Carlow, Ireland), and


by “T.W.W.”


The eighty-seven subscribers were:


As listed

Fuller name

W Ainley, Bingley


Silas Angas, Durham


- Atkinson, Leeds


A St. John Baker, Tonbridge Wells


W Barlow jun, Leeds


R Barr, Leeds

Robert Barr

C Barthes, London


J Bates, Leeds


J Birkbeck jun, Settle


R Cadman, Leeds

Robert Cadman

EJ Catlow, London


J Cazenove, London


- Chandler, New York


Rev. T Chevallier, Durham


JS Clark, Leeds


J Clay, Huddersfield


JE Coombs, London


JW Cooper, Leeds


E Cronhelm, Huddersfield

Edward Cronhelm

FW Cronhelm, Halifax

Frederick William Cronhelm

A Davis, Leeds


R Davis, Leeds


W Dewhirst, Huddersfield


- Dodson, Nottingham


T Emmett, Leeds


W Fane, London


T Fenteman, Leeds


W Finley, Durham


W Firth, Leeds


CS Floyd, Holmfirth


NM Forbes, Halifax

Neil Macvicar Forbes

C Forth, Carlow (Ireland)


JM France, Leeds

John Morrell France

JG Francis, Albury (Surrey)


MW Franks, London


- Freeman, Huddersfield


D G, Leeds


W Garber, Leeds


Rev. R Garvey, Wakefield

Rev. Richard Garvey

R Goedelt, Leeds


EF Gomersal, Leeds


General Sir JW Gordon Bart., London


J Heselton, Bath


A Hicks, Leeds


RS Horsman, Leeds


AB I., Leeds


J Kling, London


J Jopling, Newcastle


WH Kaye, Huddersfield


J Langford, Frome


W Lewis, London


JD Luccock, Leeds

John Darnton Luccock

H Ludolf, Leeds


PD M, Leeds


CW Manby, London


J Mann, Leeds


J McG___y, London


J Mitchel, Leeds


M Montefiore, London


JA Moore, London


L Moore, London


J Muff, Leeds

Joshua Muff

S Newham, Nottingham


T Parrott, Huddersfield

Thomas Parratt

S Peacock, Chelsea


J Porter, Leeds


W Redstone, Guernsey


A Reinherz, Leeds


S Reunart, Leeds

(Jerome Reunart?)

J Rhodes, Leeds

John Rhodes

H Richardson, Leeds


- Rimington Wilson, Sheffield

James Wilson Rimington Wilson

H Robinson, Leeds


W Robinson, Wakefield

William Ledgar Robinson

R Schmitz, Leeds


E Shepherd, Wakefield

Edward Shepherd

W Shepherd, Wakefield

Walter Shepherd

Howard Staunton, London


H Stubbins, Leeds


JW Tottie, Leeds


Rev. EC Tyson, Wakefield

Rev. Edwin Colman Tyson

GB Wagner, Leeds


G Walker, London

George Walker

H Wardman, Leeds


W Watson, Leeds


H Whitehead, Rochdale


C Womack, Leeds






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