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1875: Hull Church Institute v Grimsby











Made in Yorkshire



Sheffield Sub-Site


Played at Hull,

in 1875, probably in July,

over 6 boards, 2 games per board.


The August 1875 issue of the Chess Players’ Chronicle, Vol. 4, Part I, p.313, reported on this match with very little detail.  We can assume it was played at Hull as a return match, specifically in Grimsby, was mentioned.  Presumably the venue was the Hull Church Institute, itself, on Albion Street, Hull.


There was no mention of players’ names, apart from the remark “the Grimsby people were assisted on the occasion by Mr. Skipworth.”  Arthur Bolland Skipworth had been resident once more in his native Lincolnshire since 1872, becoming rector of Tetford (about 20 miles south of Grimsby) in 1875.


The match was drawn 6-6.


Giving them both their full names, the journey from Great Grimsby and Kingston upon Hull was 16¼ miles.  The way to travel from Hull to Grimsby was in those days by first catching the ferry from Hull on the north bank of the Humber to New Holland on the south bank, and to travel thence by train to Grimsby.  (There will also have been direct coast-hugging screw ships aimed perhaps more at freight.)  These days the “normal” route would be via the Humber Bridge (road and foot) from Hessle on the north bank to Barton-on-Humber on the south bank.  The value of the ferry is illustrated by the fact that the journey from Hull to King’s Cross railway station, via New Holland, was 173½ miles, whereas the overland route from Hull to Euston Square station was 242½ miles.  [Data from Kelly’s 1879 directory of the North and East Ridings.]


The report stated that a return match was planned to take place at Grimsby on 04/09/1875, over twelve boards.





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