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The Bradford Observer of Thursday, 22/04/1869, carried a report of a meeting in Bradford, on 17/04/1869, of Bradford and Halifax chess-players.  There was no mention of a match, as such, being played between teams representing the two clubs, so the meeting was perhaps much more casual than a match, with no results of games being reported.  The report is nevertheless interesting in pointing out that Halifax Chess Club had undergone a revival (and hence had to the some extent previously lapsed) and in revealing that this turnaround was largely due to the exertions of former Bradford player Maximillian Edward Werner.


The report read as follows, putting “E. M. Werner”, rather than “M. E. Werner”, thoughout:


MEETING OF CHESS PLAYERS.- On Saturday, a number of gentlemen of the lately revived Chess Club in Halifax paid a friendly visit to the members of the Bradford Chess Club, at the George Hotel.  About sixteen gentlemen sat down to tea, after which Mr. Petty, president of the Bradford Chess Club, expressed the pleasure he felt in welcoming the guests of the evening, and hoped that such friendly visits would often be interchanged between the two clubs.- Mr. Farrell, secretary, having confirmed the sentiments of the president, Mr. T. M. Dolan, Halifax, expressed his sense of the kindness shown to them, and his hope that the visit would very shortly be returned, when he assured the members of the Bradford Club of a hearty welcome.  Mr. Dolan also stated the great obligation the Halifax Club was under to Mr. E. M. Werner, to whose influence and exertions the revival of the club was in great measure due.- Mr. E. M. Werner, on behalf of the Halifax Club, also thanked the gentlemen of Bradford for the kindness and hospitality with which they had been received.  As a chess player, many of his happiest memories were in connection with the Bradford Chess Club, and his connection with that club was always a matter of pride and pleasure to him.  With regard to the newly-formed club at Halifax, Mr. Werner expressed the pleasure it had been to him to assist in its revival, and hoped that soon it might become a worthy foe to the older club of Bradford.  Play was then resumed with varying success on both sides until eleven o’clock, at which hour the party broke up.  We believe that it is intended that a return visit will be paid to Halifax as soon as arrangements can be made.



The Halifax Guardian of 24/04/1869 carried essentially the same article, and like the Bradford Observer it gave no detail of results of games, but it included the names of some of the players, as follows:



Name as Listed

Apparent Identity


B. Broughton

Benjamin Broughton


R. Milligan, jun.

Robert Milligan, junior


Jos. Petty

Joshua Petty


J. A. Heselton

John Allison Heselton


R. Reaney

Richard Reaney


J. Barker

James Barker


W. Fieldsend

William Fieldsend


T. Fieldsend

Thomas Fieldsend


J. Farrell



C. M. Wilson

Charles Maurice Wilson


M. E. Werner

Maximilian Edward Werner



Thomas Michael Dolan



Edward Francis





The next meeting between these clubs was the 1870 Halifax-Bradford match played on 16/03/1870.





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