Yorkshire Chess Association



Individual Championship Rules






B1    The Association shall conduct an annual competition for the Yorkshire Individual Chess Championship, open to members of C.M. organisations (or Associations) and to affiliated individual members of the Association.

B2    The winner of this competition shall:

         a) bear the title of Yorkshire Chess Champion and hold the Championship Cup from the date of the A.G.M. in the season in which the competition is held to that of the next A.G.M.

         b)  be entitled to represent the Association in the competition for the Individual Championship of the Northern Counties Chess Union in the following season.

B3    The form of the competition, the final date for the receipt of entries, and the prizes shall be determined by the Executive Committee.  All entries shall be subject to the approval of the Executive Committee who shall appoint a Championship Controller.

B4    All games shall be played in accordance with the Laws of Chess as published with the authority of the English Chess Federation.

B5    The Championship may not be shared; a method of resolving a tie shall be determined by the Championship Controller and made known to all competitors before the competition starts.

B6    Responsibility and authority for all other arrangements necessary for the conduct of this competition shall be vested in the Championship Controller.  The Controller's decision in any dispute which may arise shall be final.