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In so far as this website publishes personal information collated on behalf of the Yorkshire Chess Association (YCA), it comes within scope of the General Data Protection Regulation, effective from 25/05/2018, which is more stringent than the former Data Protection law.


In so far as this website and the YCA function on a not-for-profit basis, they are exempt from registering with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) as a Data Processor (based on a self-assessment questionnaire on the ICO website).


The legal basis for “processing” personal information on behalf of the YCA is that of “Legitimate Interests”.


Purpose of Collecting and Publishing Personal Information


By carrying personal information of YCA officials and appointees, and personal details of officials of YCA Constituent Members (“clubs”), this website is supporting a not-for-profit association (the YCA), in facilitating its activities normally expected by its members and those who have regular contact with it, more specifically by providing details to enable communication necessary to carry out its activities, primarily the conduct of the Yorkshire League, disseminating news regarding YCA activities, and calling YCA meetings.


Besides such personal information being published on this website, those of YCA officials may be passed to the English Chess Federation for publication in its own Year Book, and may be communicated to the Northern Counties Chess Union for their administrative purposes such as running inter-county match competitions and calling meetings.  Personal information held by this website’s “webmaster” are not communicated in any other way to any other parties, commercial or otherwise.


In the case of personal details of organisers of chess congresses and other events, who publish their own personal details on publicly available entry forms, websites etc., those details may be reproduced on this website on the basis that they have been published by those organisers with that general expectation.


Requesting Correction or Removal of Personal Information


Anyone whose personal details appear on this website may request a correction or removal be e-mailing sjmann@gmx.co.uk.