Yorkshire Chess Association



Constitution and Rules







1 This organisation shall be called the "Yorkshire Chess Association".


2 The objects of the Association shall be:

a) To encourage and foster the playing of chess, particularly in Yorkshire, by any means which may be deemed desirable under the direction of the Officers.

b) To organise chess congresses, competitions, tournaments and matches.


3 Any chess club or association in the county of Yorkshire, Hull and District or Sheffield and District shall become a Constituent Member (C.M.) on approval of application by the Annual General Meeting of the Association (A.G.M.), and on payment of the annual subscription, defined and determined at the preceding A.G.M.


4 Membership

There shall be the following categories of membership:

a) Life Member

Any individual shall become a Life Member on approval of application for such membership by the Principal Officers of the Association, and on payment of the subscription defined by the A.G.M.

b) Affiliated Member

Any member of a CM organisation who plays in the Yorkshire league competition shall be deemed an Affiliated Member for the season, provided any annual subscription defined by the AGM has been paid.  [Revised, 2018 AGM]

c) Individual Member

Any member of a CM organisation shall be eligible to become an Individual Member on payment of the annual subscription defined by the AGM.  [Added, 2018 AGM]

d) Honorary Life Member  [Re-lettered, 2018 AGM]

At the discretion of the A.G.M. any individual may be elected to the status of Honorary Life Member.


5 Officers of the Association

There shall be two categories of Officer:

a) Principal Officers

comprising a President, a Deputy President, an Hon. Secretary, an Hon. Treasurer, an Hon. Competitions Controller;

b) Other Officers

comprising an Hon. Secretary for Junior Chess, an Hon. Controller for Correspondence Chess, an Hon. Grader, an Hon. Minutes Secretary, an Hon. Registrations Secretary, and such match captains as may, from time to time, be decided on by the A.G.M.


6 Financial Year

The financial year of the Association shall end on May 31st in each year.


7 The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held on a Saturday in

June. The purpose of the A.G.M. shall be:

a) to receive the Annual Reports of the Officers.

b) to receive the Hon. Treasurer's audited Accounts.

c) to present Trophies and Prizes.

d) to elect the Association's Officers.

e) to appoint any delegates to other organisations.

f) to appoint sub-committees.

g) to define and determine any fees and subscriptions payable.

h) to consider any amendments to this Constitution that have been submitted in accordance with this Constitution.

i) to transact any other business relating to the Association that has been included on the Agenda.

j) to consider any other business at the sole discretion of the Chairman.


Any Member as defined in Clause 4 of this Constitution shall be eligible to attend and vote at the A.G.M. The quorum shall be ten Members.


8 The affairs of the Association shall be conducted by an Executive Committee consisting of the elected Principal Officers and any other Officers they may wish

to co-opt for particular purposes. All members of the Executive shall be entitled to vote on any matter transacted by the Committee. The quorum shall be five, of which three shall be Principal Officers.


9 The Hon. Secretary shall call a meeting of the Executive Committee:

a) at any time he/she deems necessary.

b) as directed by the Executive Committee.

c) within fourteen days of a request signed on behalf of not less than five C.M.s.


10 The Hon. Secretary shall give not less than fourteen daysí notice of an Executive Committee meeting and of the A.G.M.


11 At all meetings each person present and entitled to vote shall have one vote. In the event of a tied vote the Chairman (who shall be the President or his Deputy) shall have a casting vote. Any motion, other than one affecting this Constitution, shall be determined by a simple majority.


12  No alteration or amendment shall be made to this Constitution or the YCA League Rules save at an A.G.M and only then provided:

a) that notice has been given in writing to the Hon. Secretary not later than April 30th preceding the AGM and

b) each proposal is seconded by another person;

c) that not less than two thirds of those present and voting are in favour of the alteration for a constitutional amendment, or a simple majority of those present and voting for changes to the YCA League Rules.


13 At an A.G.M the Chairman shall have the sole right to interpret this Constitution.


14 Any dispute or matter, for which no specific provision is made in this Constitution, requiring decision, shall be referred for decision to the Executive Committee whose decision shall be binding until such time as provision is made.


Last updated: June 2018.  (No changes 2019.)