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2005-06 onwards represents data stripped out of Chessnuts and reformatted for easy viewing and archiving.


Data for 1992-93 to 2003-04 comes from some electronic sources, but mainly from Year Books.

This earlier material will initially consist mainly of final cross-tables.  However, some result detail exists and can, eventually, perhaps, be reformatted and/or transcribed and uploaded here.


The Year Book for 2005-06, which would contain 2004-05 league tables, is elusive.


Results in Year Books often contained separate tables for matches’ game-point totals, and teams’ final placings with teams’ game-point and match-point totals.  These tables often contained typing errors, making them inconsistent, necessitating spotting the errors, which for the most part are fairly obvious.


Prior to 1992-93 there was no Year Book as such.  A “Diary” and “Grading List” were produced as separate publications, and neither contained final league tables from the previous season.  Retrieval of league results prior to 1992-93 would therefore require access to copies of the Bulletin of the time.