Sheffield & District Chess Association

Established 1883







Online League Season 2, 2021


The following are the initially registered players who may not play for a team in a lower division than that for which they are registered:


Division 1

Darnall & Handsworth A:

Chris Ross, Marek Gajdosz


Hillsborough A:

Roy Ellames, Paul Fletcher


Nomads A:

Oskar Hackner, Paul Cumbers


Woodseats A:

Mark Allison, Nigel Carpino

Division 2

Nomads B:

Henry Withington, Arjun Babu



Miles Edwards‑Wright, Jon Arnott


Remember that anyone else playing twice on the top two boards of a team thereby automatically becomes registered also.


For reference, the Rules regarding Registration are as follows:



Registration of Players



Clubs with teams competing in different divisions shall register with the Association the names of the two strongest regular players for each team, except the team or teams in the lowest division.



Any player who plays two or more matches on the top two boards of any team shall be automatically registered for that team.



If a player registered for one team also becomes registered for a team in a higher division, then that player ceases to be registered for the lower team, and, after consultation with the club concerned, the League Controller will register an additional player for the lower team.



Registered players are ineligible to play in any team in a lower division than the one for which they are registered.



A player is ineligible to play for a team after earlier in the season playing for a different team of the same club in the same division.



The penalty for playing an ineligible player shall be that the game concerned and all games on lower boards shall be declared lost.


 (Full On-Line Rules can be found here.)