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ECF AGM 2023


The only item on the agenda of the 2024 ECF AGM held on 14/10/2023 which would be likely to be of interest to the average S&DCA member was the one relating to the Direct (individual) Membership structure.  The ECF Board was eager to change it to something supposedly better and easier/cheaper to run and had advanced two possible alternatives to the status quo, to which a proposal emanating from the Northern Counties Chess Union was subsequently added.


The net outcome was that from 1st September 2024 (or thereabouts) the present Gold and Silver membership levels will be replaced by a single one known as Gold.  The fees will be set at the ECF Finance Meeting on 27/04/2024, but the rate for Gold-cum-Silver is expected to be about 33 as opposed to the present 39 for Gold and 27 for Silver.


A more-detailed report on the meeting is to be found on the Yorkshire Chess News website at


The relevant paper presented to the meeting described the adopted option as follows:



Combined Gold/Silver adult membership, allowing players to take part in all rated club, league and congress events with free ECF rating;


No change to current Bronze membership arrangements, thus allowing Bronze members to take part in club/league chess (but not congress chess) with free ECF rating;


Reduced rate for Junior and Student memberships (first year free);


No change to Platinum and Supporter memberships


A further comment in the paper was that


the change removes the barriers to entry for congress players who want to play in FIDE-rated congresses, and enable non-FIDE rated congresses to change to FIDE-rated status at no extra cost.