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Message to Summer League Team Captains


Summer League secretary Alan McIntosh has issued the following message regarding ECF Membership.


To all summer league captains,

Two important points:

1. All but the Chesterfield teams have now played at least one match in the summer league, so I've started to keep a tally of registered players. Once a player has played twice on the top two boards for a team they become ineligible to play for any of their lower teams. These names are passed to Steve Mann, who displays them on the Registrations page of the S&DCA website at

2. You should be aware that all players who have played four or more games over the winter league need to be an ECF member. You should also be aware that the summer league games are being added to these totals, but you may not be aware that these non ECF players need to join the ECF before the end of June. If they are not S&DCA will be fined 18 per player, which will be passed on to the relevant clubs. Details of the new ECF rolling membership can be found at  Rolling membership examples and exceptions English Chess Federation At present there are 12 players who have played four or more games (with another 7 on three), who are not ECF members. These can be found on our LMS website at Sheffield & District Chess Association - Games By Non-ECF Members | ECF League Management System (