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1830/31, Warrington, Lancs.


23/09/1831, St. Elphin, Warrington


22/12/1915, Huddersfield



Non-Chess Life


Thomas Shuttleworth’s parents were William B. Yates (born 1795/96, Edgworth, Lancs.) and Mary R. Yates (born 1795/96, Warrington (?), Lancs).  The place of birth of the mother is none too clear in the 1851 census.  The couple had at least four children:


Minna(?!?) Yates

born 1829/30, Warrington, Lancs.

Thomas Shuttleworth Yates

born 1830/31, Warrington, Lancs.

John Yates

born 1837/38, Manchester, Lancs.

Giles Yates

born 1839/40, Manchester, Lancs.


Census returns imply Thomas Shuttleworth Yates was born in 1830 or 1831, at Warrington, Lancashire (but now in Cheshire since re-organisation).


Entry 166 in the 1931-1835 baptism register of St. Elphin’s, Warrington, Lancashire, records the baptism there on 23/09/1831 of Thomas Shuttleworth Yates, son of William Yates, glass manufacturer, and Mary Yates, of Church Place, Warrington, by curate Thomas Lowe.


The 1851 census found parents William B. Yates and Mary R. Yates living with the above four children at Goulborn (?) Street, Warrington.  Father William’s occupation was that of house agent, while son “Minna” (as the transcription of the 1851 census had it) was a glass cutter, and son Thomas [Shuttleworth] Yates  was a clerk at a glass works.  John and Giles were scholars.


The marriage of Thomas Shuttleworth Yates to Ellen Grimshaw was registered in the second quarter of 1858, at Warrington.  Ellen  The couple had at least the following nine children:


Mary Royldon Yates

born 1858/59, Oldham

Giles Yates

born Aug/Sep 1860, Oldham

Elizabeth Yates

born 1862/63, Oldham

William Henry Yates

born 1864/65, Huddersfield

John Barton Yates

born 1867/68, Lindley

Sarah Yates

born May/Jun 1870, Dalton

Hannah Yates

born 1872/73, Dalton

George E Yates

born 1874/75, Huddersfield

Frank H Yates

born 1878/79, Huddersfield



The 1861 census found Thomas and Ellen living at Horsedge Street, Oldham, with children Mary and Giles, and Thomas’s brother Giles.  Thomas was by occupation a newspaper reporter, and brother Giles was a glass cutter.


It is apparent from the children’s places of birth that the family moved to Huddersfield around 1863/64.  They seem then to have changed home at least twice in the first eight years, first to the Huddersfield suburb of Lindley, and then to Dalton.


The 1871 census found parents and eldest six children living at Church Street, Dalton, a couple of miles or so to the east of the centre of Huddersfield.  Thomas was now a sub-editor of a newspaper, a job which was perhaps what brought him to Huddersfield.  The eldest five children were scholars.


The 1881 census found Thomas and Ellen living at 31 Spring Grove Street, Huddersfield, where Thomas remained resident for the rest of his life.  with their parents were still living all nine children except eldest son, Giles.  Thomas was still a sub-editor.  Mary was a dressmaker, Elizabeth was a pupil teacher.  William was an assistant newspaper reporter, one imagines on the same paper as his father.  The younger children were scholars.


By mid-1883, Thomas Shuttleworth Yates, 15-year-old son John Barton Yates, and John Wallwork, were in partnership as glass manufacturers, trading as Yates and Wallwork, at Holland Street, Whit Lane, Pendleton, Lancashire.  Thomas Shuttleworth Yates and John Barton Yates were also in partnership as cut glass manufacturers, trading as T. S. Yates and Co., at Kenyon Street, Rochdale Road, Manchester, as cut Glass.  These partnerships went into liquidation, and the London Gazette of 01/06/1883 carried a notice inserted by Messrs. Boote and Edgar, solicitors, of 18 & 20, Booth Street, Manchester, giving notice of the First General Meeting of the creditors, to be held at the latter address on 14/06/1883, “at one o'clock in the afternoon precisely.”  The notice recorded that at this time, Thomas Shuttleworth Yates was living in Spring Grove Street, Huddersfield, and working as a journalist, while John Barton Yates lived at Kersal View, Pendleton, and John Wallwork lived at 15 Gore Hill, Pendleton.  John Barton Yates was presumably working with his uncle Giles Yates.  The involvement of Thomas was presumably in practice only financial.


The 1891 census found Thomas, a sub-editor on a newspaper, and Ellen, now sixty and fifty-five years old respectively, living at 31 Spring Grove Street, with Mary (a dressmaker still), William (a newspaper reporter), Sarah (a tailoress), Hannah (a tailoress), George (a clerk in a carrier’s office) and Frank (a scholar).


The 1901 census found 70-year-old Thomas, 65-year-old Ellen, George, Frank, Sarah and Hannah, living still at 31 Spring Grove Street, Huddersfield.  Thomas was still a sub-editor, more-specifically on a daily newspaper, so probably either the Huddersfield Daily Chronicle or the Huddersfield Daily Examiner.  George was a merchant’s clerk.  Also resident at 31 Spring Grove Street were Thomas’s married eldest daughter, Mary R. Dickenson, her Kippax-born husband, Charles R. Dickenson, and their two Castleford-born daughters, Alice and Hellen.


The death of the family’s mother, Ellen Yates, aged 65, was registered in the fourth quarter of 1901, at Huddersfield.


The 1911 census found 80-year-old Thomas Shuttleworth Yates as a retired newspaper sub-editor, still resident at 31 Spring Grove Street, living with Sarah, Hannah and Frank.  40-year-old unmarried daughter Sarah served as his housekeeper.  38-year-old unmarried daughter Hannah was a sewing machinist, tailoring men’s clothing.  32-year-old Frank was a clerk in a cigar manufactory.




Probate records state that Thomas Shuttleworth Yates, of 31 Spring Grove Street, Huddersfield, died on 22/12/1915.  He was aged 84 years at death.  Probate was granted to Sarah Yates and Hannah Yates, spinsters.  He left £717 16s.




“T. S. Yates” attended the annual meetings of the West Yorkshire Chess Association in 1874, 1876, 1881, 1882 and 1886.


At the 1881 WYCA meeting he was one of those simultaneously playing (and losing) against Zukertort.


He played in the 1884 Lancashire-Yorkshire match.


He will have been the “Yates” playing for Huddersfield in the 1885 Sheffield & District v Huddersfield & Holmfirth match.


Either he or W. W. Yates of Dewsbury will have been the “Yates” playing in the 1st Annual Meeting of the Yorkshire County Chess Club, in 1886.


He represented Huddersfield in the Woodhouse Cup of 1906-07.





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