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15/02/1885, Nawton, Yorkshire



12/02/1946, Huddersfield


15/02/1946, Christ Church, Woodhouse, Huddersfield


Non-Chess Life


The parents of Hubert Harold Almond Ware were Robert Ware (born 1861/62, Holly Park, near Nawton) and Ann Ware (née Almond, 1864/65, Scawton).  Nawton is a hamlet about 3 miles east of Helmsley, North Yorkshire; it was in the parish of Kirkbymoorside.  Scawton is a hamlet 5 miles to the west of Helmsley; it was in the parish of Helmsley.


Robert and Ann, who married in 1883/84, had nine children, though one of those didn’t survive, leaving the following eight, all born at Nawton:


Hubert Harold Almond Ware

born 15/02/1885

Harris Ware

born 1888/89

Kate Ware

born Jan/Feb 1891

Ashton Ware

born 1892/93

May Ware

born 1896/97

Alice Ware

born 1899/00

Almond Ware

born 1901/02

William Ware

born 1905/06


Hubert’s birth was registered in the first quarter of 1885, at Helmsley.


The 1891 census found the parents Robert and Ann and children Hubert and Kate living on Chapel Street, Nawton.  Father Robert was a stonemason.  Hubert was a scholar.  Harris was perhaps with relatives, as baby Kate was only 3 months old.  The family next door was also called Ware, perhaps being related.


The 1901 census found the parents and the eldest 6 of the above children living on Back Street, Nawton.  Father Robert was still a stone mason, working on his own account.  Hubert was now a mason’s apprentice.


In 1909 Hubert Harold Almond Ware married Hilda Bowes (born 16/07/1884,Kirkbymoorside), at Whitby.  Thereafter, the couple appear to have lived in or near Kirkbymoorside, though they seem elusive in the 1911 census.  Up to 1918, they seem to have had five children in Kirkbymoorside, of whom two died in infancy.  They seem to have had a further two children after moving to Huddersfield.


The 1911 census found the parents Robert and Ann, and the youngest five of the above children, living at an unspecified address in Nawton.  Father Robert was now a builder and monumental mason, while Ashton was also a mason.


The 1911 census found Hubert and Hilda, with daughters Daisy Ware (born 1909/10, Nawton) and Leonora Ware (Dec/Jan, 1910/11), living at Oakleigh House, Nawton.  Hubert was employed as a stone mason, presumably by his father.


Father Robert died on 18/01/1919.


Hubert Harold Almond Ware seems to have moved to Huddersfield in 1920, give or take one or two years.


At the time of death he lived at 8 Leonard Street, Fartown, Huddersfield.




Hubert Harold Almond Ware died three days short of his 61st birthday, on 12/02/1946, at Huddersfield.  He was buried on 15/02/1946, at Christ Church, Ash Brow Road, Woodhouse Hill, Huddersfield.




In chess reports he was variously listed either as “H. H. Ware” or simply as “H. H. A. Ware”.


By the 1930s he was playing regularly for Huddersfield in the Woodhouse Cup (see for example 1933-34 and 1934-35 Woodhouse Cup matches) and for Yorkshire inter-county matches (see for example 1932-33, 1933-34, 1934-35, and 1937-38 inter-county matches).


He was president of Huddersfield Chess Club in the season 1933-34.


He played in the 1933-34 Yorkshire Championship, losing in round 2.


He played in the 1938 simultaneous display by Alekhine in Leeds.


He was a vice-president of the Yorkshire Chess Association in 1937-38.





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