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1843, London


10/08/1843, St. Giles‑in‑the‑Fields, Holborn


15/03/1919, Guisborough



Non-Chess Life


William Charles Trevor was born in 1843, in London.  On 10/08/1843 William Charles Trevor, son of Charles Trevor and Olivia Trevor (née Lindo) of 55 Gower Street, was baptised at St. Giles-in-the-Fields, Holborn, by I.(?) Davies.


The 1851 census found him as a 7-year-old “scholar at home”, the son of Charles Trevor who worked as controller of legacy duties for the Inland Revenue, living at 15 Gower Street, St. Giles.  (Had they really moved from 55 to 15?)


At some time from 1851 to 1861 our man moved to Guisborough, in the North Riding of Yorkshire.  This move will have been due to his uncle Thomas Tudor Trevor (1816-1872) living there.  It appears the 2nd Earl of Zetland had a nephew, Thomas Lawrence Yeoman, of Whitby, to whom the Earl gave the job of Clerk of the Peace on condition that he in turn appointed Thomas Tudor Trevor as Deputy Clerk, which post Thomas held from 1849 to his death in 1872. (1)  This had established a member of the Trevor family, our man’s uncle, in Guisborough.


The 1861 census found our man as a 17-year-old articled clerk, living as one of two lodgers in the lodging house run by Mary Alder at Westgate, Guisborough, in the North Riding of Yorkshire.  The other lodger was 28-year-old Stockton-born solicitor William R. Wilson, to whom it was perhaps that our man was articled.


The 1871 census found our man as a 27-year-old attorney and solicitor living in the household of the Tawton family at Church Lane, Guisborough.


William Charles Trevor became Deputy Clerk of Peace in 1872 (until 1889) on the death of his uncle, Thomas Tudor Trevor.  Also in 1872, he became Clerk to Justices Langbaurgh East Division (until 1903).


It was in 1872 that the Trevor family donated a font to the local Anglican church of St. Nicholas.  This font has apparently been moved twice since installation.


His marriage to Mary Arnold Ayrton was registered in the third quarter of 1875, at Guisborough.  The couple had at least the following four children:


Rose Trevor

born 1876/77, Guisborough

Charles Tudor Trevor

born 1877/78, Guisborough

Maude Trevor

born 1882/83, Overbeck

Arnold William Trevor

born 1886/87, Overbeck


The 1881 census found William C. Trevor, Mary A. Trevor, Rose Trevor and Charles T. Trevor living at Overbeck House, Guisborough, with three servants.  William was described as a solicitor.


The 1891 census found William C. Trevor, Mary Arnold Trevor and Arnold William Trevor with four servants at Overbeck House.  William was described as a solicitor.


The Trevors proved elusive in the 1901 census.


The 1911 census found the parents and all four children except Arnold with three servants at Overbeck house.  It appears none of the children ever married.  This time both William and son Charles were described as solicitors.




William Charles Trevor of Overbeck, Guisborough, died 15/03/1919.  Probate was granted to Charles Tudor Trevor and William Crowther Carrick, solicitors.  He left effects amounting to £22,791 3s. 11d.


After Death


Both daughters, Rose and Maude were involved in the church of St. Nicholas, Guisborough.  They outlived not only their parents, but also both their brothers, and they donated to St. Nicholas a “Trevor Memorial Chapel”, erected in 1952, described it a plaque (unseen by the writer) which reads as follows:


This Chapel was Given by

Rose and Maude Trevor

To the Glory of God

And in Memory of Their Parents

William Charles & Mary Arnold

And Their Brothers

Charles Tudor and Arnold William,



This memorial chapel has apparently since been demolished as part of further internal rearrangement of the church, and the plaque is now apparently in an area which has become a storeroom. (1)




William Charles Trevor was one of the participants at the Redcar chess meeting of 1865, finishing 5th-6th equal on 2 out of 6 (apparently with two games unplayed).  He was listed as on the General Committee and the Executive Committee for the Redcar chess meeting of 1866, though reports don’t seem to mention him as present.  He doesn’t seem to have been listed as being involved with the subsequent years’ events in York.



(1)  "Walter Brelstaff Archive", being local research notes (unpublished by the author in his lifetime) published by son John Brelstaff at http://guisboroughhistorynotes.blogspot.co.uk/2009/12/family-names-patton-to-wynne.html .





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