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08/07/1811, Leeds


13/05/1812, St. Peter’s, Leeds


Q3 of 1883, Leeds


St John the Baptist, Adel


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The parents of Anthony Titley, junior, were Anthony Titley, senior (born 1780/81), of Titley, Tathams and Walker, flaw spinners etc., and Mary Titley, who lived at Wortley, near Leeds.  They had at least the following children:


Anthony Titley (junior)

born 08/11/1811, Leeds

baptised 13/05/1812, St. Peter’s, Leeds

Martha Titley

born ?

baptised 07/11/1814, St. Bartholomew, Armley

Elizabeth Titley

born 23/03/1813

baptised 23/09/1829, St. John the Evangelist, Wortley

Mary Anne Titley

born 15/03/1815

baptised 23/09/1829, St. John the Evangelist, Wortley

Mercy Titley

born 25/05/1816

baptised 23/09/1829, St. John the Evangelist, Wortley

Thomas Addison Titley

born 14/07/1823

baptised 23/09/1829, St. John the Evangelist, Wortley

Henrietta Augusta Octavia Titley

born 19/06/1825

baptised 23/09/1829, St. John the Evangelist, Wortley


Most of the baptismal register entries, including that of our man, included dates of birth in the margin, though Martha’s date of birth was not so record when she was baptised by B. Fawcett at Armley.  The last five of the children listed were baptised at the same time by G. Rickard at the chapelry of Wortley.


Anthony Titley, junior, son of Anthony Titley of Meadow Lane, Leeds, was thus born on 08/07/1811, at Leeds, and was baptised on 13/05/1812, at St. Peter’s, Leeds.


Baines’s General & Commercial Directory of Leeds, 1834, listed the following:

Anthony Titley, senior, flax spinner; home Wortley Lodge

Titley, Tathams and Walker, flax spinners, sacking & thread manufacturers, &c., Waterhall Mill

Anthony Titley [which not specified], 1 of 24 Leeds directors of Leeds & Yorkshire Assurance Company.


The partners of Anthony Titley, senior, in the form of Titley, Tathams and Walker included Thomas Tatham and Benjamin Walker.  Presumably there was at least on other Tatham involved, though in time the plural “s” was dropped from”Tathams”.  The primary activity was spinning flax, producing different types of thread for different purposes, but included the manufacture of flax products.  Anthony Titley junior may have had some schooling, but in due course become one of the partners in the flax spinning firm.  Other changes to the partners involved are evident from directories.


On 26/08/1837 “Anthony Titley junior”, clerk and flax spinner of School Close, Woodhouse Hill, son on Anthony Titley, flax spinner, was married to Anne Thompson, of Woodhouse Hill, daughter of James Thompson, stuff merchant.  The groom was described as of full age, but the bride was described as a minor, which presumably meant under 21 and marrying with her father’s consent.


The couple had one surviving child, another Anthony Titley, born 1839/40, before tragedy struck, and Anne Titley died, her death being registered in the first quarter of 1840.


The 1841 census found our man, described vaguely as a clerk, living at Nevile Street, Leeds, with his 2-year-old son, and 2 servants.


On 08/09/1842, our man widower Anthony Titley junior, flax spinner of York Place, Armley, son of Anthony Titley, flax spinner, was married to Armley-born Eliza Anne Porritt, daughter of David Wright Porritt, drysalter, at St. Peter’s, Leeds, by Edward Brown.  The bride was again a minor.  The groom signed the marriage register “Anthony Titley junior”.  Sister Mary Anne Titley was one of the witnesses.  Our man and his second wife had the at least the following children, half-siblings to his son by his first wife:


Mary Caroline Titley

born 1843/44, Leeds

Katherine E Titley

born 1844/45, Leeds

Frances Anne Titley

born 1846/47, Leeds

Addison Porritt Titley

born 1848/49, Headlingley

Thomas Titley

born 1849/50, Headlingley

William Walter Titley

born 1851/52, Headlingley

Charles Anthony Titley

born 1856/57, Headlingley

Francis Addison Titley

born 1861/62, Headlingley

John Edward Titley

born 1863/64, Headlingley

Helen Gertrude Titley

born 1866/67, Headlingley


White’s Directory of Leeds & the Clothing District, 1842, listed the following:

Titley, Tathams and Walker, flax spinners and manufacturers of patent thread, yarns, shoe thread, canvass, sacking, bags and sacks, Water Hall Mill and Sovereign Street

Anthony Titley senior; home Wortley Lodge

Anthony Titley junior; home 22 Nevile Street


The death of Anthony Titley, senior, aged 65, on 21/05/1845, was recorded by the Leeds Mercury of 24/05/1845.  Anthony Titley of Wortley Lodge was buried at St. John’s, Adel, on 26/05/1845, by someone with name like George Lewthwaite junior.  Subsequent references to an extant Anthony Titley must consequently be to our man who was formerly labelled “junior”.


White’s Directory of Leeds & the Clothing Districts, 1847, listed the following:

Mrs Mary Titley, Wortley Lodge, Wortley [widow of Anthony Titley senior]

Thomas Addison Titley, flax spinner; house Beech Grove and Leeds

Thomas Addison Titley; h. Armley

Anthony Titley as a councillor for Mill Hill ward, Leeds.

Titley, Tathams and Walker, flax spinners & shoe & sewing thread, sacking, canvass &c manufacturers, Water Hall Mill and 2 Sovereign Street

Anthony Titley, flax spinner; home 25 York Place.

Benjamin Walker, flax spinner; h. Cross Hall, Morley

Thomas Tatham, flax spinner; h. Headingley


From the 1847 directory it’s apparent that brothers Anthony Titley (junior) and Thomas Addison Titley were involved in their father’s business, also that Anthony had become a councillor.


The 1851 census found Anthony Titley, flax spinner etc, and his family living at the Manor House, Headingley, with three servants.  Children Mary, Katherine, Frances, Addison and Thomas were listed there, but their older half-sibling, 11-year-old Anthony, was presumably away at school.  He reappeared at home in 1861.


White’s Directory of Leeds, Bradford &c, 1854, listed the following

Mrs. Mary Titley, Wortley Lodge, Wortley

Anthony Titley as a councillor for Mill Hill ward, Leeds.

Titley, Tathams and Walker, flax spinners & linen yarn, thread, canvass, sacking, sack &c manufacturers, Water Hall, School Close, and Springfield Mills

Anthony Titley, h. Manor House, Headingley

Thomas Addison Titley; h. Beech Grove, New Wortley


White’s Directory of Leeds, Halifax, Huddersfield, Wakefield &c, 1858, listed the following:

(Mrs. Titley was seemingly omitted)

Anthony Titley as a councillor for Mill Hill ward, Leeds.

Titley, Tathams and Walker, flax spinners & linen yarn, thread, canvass, sacking, sack &c manufacturers, Water Hall Mill, School Close, and Springfield Mill

Anthony Titley, h. Headingley Hill

Thomas Addison Titley; h. Oakley House, Wortley


The 1861 census found our man and his family living at Headingley at an address very loosely described as on the Leeds-Otley Road.  He was described as a flax spinner employing between 700 and 800 hands.  Of the children born by then, 16-year-old Katherine was absent and does not reappear, so was presumably married or dead.  There were still three servants.  Eldest son 22-year-old Anthony’s occupation was given as “employed in the trade”, meaning presumably that he was a third-generation Antony involved in the flax-spinning business.


White’s Directory of Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield &c, 1866, listed the following:

Mrs. Mary Titley, Wortley Lodge, Wortley

Anthony Titley as an alderman for Mill Hill ward, Leeds.

A. Titley was a captain in the Leeds Rifle Volunteers (7th West York) [perhaps our man’s 27-year-old son]

Anthony Titley (of Titley, Tatham and Walker), h. Headingley Manor House, Headingley Lane

Thomas Addison Titley (of Titley, Tatham and Walker); h. Oakley House, Gledhow.


Our man was now an alderman, but never became mayor of Leeds.


The 1871 census found the family at Richmond Road, [Headingley,] Leeds.  Of the children,  Mary, Katherine and Charles were not listed.  There were three servants.  Our man was listed as a magistrate, and flax-spinner employing, with partners, 640 men and women.  It said of son Anthony

“assists in the business”, of Frances Anne “assists her mamma”, of Addison “iron founder”, of Thomas “in no trade at present”, of William “learning flax spinning”, while Francis and John were stated to be at school.  There were three servants.


The 1881 census found the family still at Richmond Road.  The only children still living at home with parents Anthony and Eliza were Anthony, a flax spinner, Frances, William, a flax spinner, Francis, an apprentice, and Helen, a scholar.  There were three servants.




Anthony Titley (known as “junior” back in 1841) died on 13/06/1882 at Headingley, and was buried at St John the Baptist, Adel.  His will was proved by Eliza Ann Titley of the Manor House, Headingley




Anthony Titley, junior, was one of the Leeds players at the first meeting of the original Yorkshire Chess Association in 1841.  Thereafter he seems not to have attended any other such meeting.  He may of course still have been active locally within Leeds Chess Club.





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