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23/09/1825, Prussia


25/09/1825, Bielefeld‑Neustadt, Prussia


Q1 of 1867, Chorlton





Johann Gottfried Tegeler was born to Friedrich Wilhelm Tegeler and Helene Regine Von something, on 23rd September 1825, and was baptised on 25th September 1825 at an evangelical church, in Bielefeld-Neustadt, Westfalen, Prussia.  The modern Bielefeld is in the modern Nordrhein-Westfalen part of Germany, and is about half way from Essen to Hannover, roughly 60 miles from each.


His full name, as recorded on his marriage certificate, was Johann Gottfried Frederick Tegeler, though he tended to use just the “Gottfried”, hence the chess references are simply to “G. Tegeler”.  In some cases his selected forename was Anglicised to “Godfried”, though it’s unclear whether that was by his own choice, or was due to writers’ interpretation of the spoken name.


Arrival in England


There was a “G. Tegeler” on the “List of Aliens” entering the country aboard the ship Sir Ed Banks when it arrived at London from Le Havre on 4th August 1851.  His place of origin was given as Bielefeld.  It is highly improbable this was not a record of the above gentleman’s arrival in this country as an immigrant.


Marriage and Children


Johann Gottfried Frederick Tegeler married Esther Godwin (born 1831, Manchester) on 23rd July 1856, at Manchester Cathedral.  The couple had the following children:


Frederick W Tegeler

born 1857/58, Manchester

Mary Hanna Tegeler

born 1858/59, Manchester
birth registered Q4 at Chorlton

Edward Tegeler

born 1859/60, Manchester
bap. 14 Dec 1867, St James, Birch In Rusholme, Lancs.

Isabella Tegeler

born 1861/62, Manchester, birth reg. Q2 1861, at Chorlton;
bap. 14 Dec 1867, St James, Birch In Rusholme, Lancs.

Gustavus Tegeler

born 1862/63, birth registered Q3 of 1863, at Bradford
bap. 14/12/1867, St James, Birch In Rusholme, Lancs.

Alice Louisa Tegeler

born 1864/65, Bradford
birth registered Q2 of 1865, at Bradford

Cloda (?) Tegeler

born 1866/67, Bradford
(birth must have been 1866 in view of timings next birth)

Elvira Tegeler

birth registered Q2 of 1867, at Chorlton
bap. 14 Dec 1867, St James, Birch In Rusholme, Lancs.


The 1861 census found the family living at 6 Victoria Mount, Rusholme, Manchester.  The enumerator spelt the surname “Tegler”, and the head of the household was called “Godfried”, which might not be quite right.  This “Godfried Tegler” was recorded as born in Prussia, which fact, with the names of the rest of the family, identifies our man.  The household consisted of the parents, Gottfried and Esther Tegeler, along with children 3-year-old Frederick W. Tegeler, 2-year-old Mary H. Tegeler, and one-year-old Edward Tegeler, along with an 18-year-old niece, Alice Bedale, and a domestic servant.


Slater's Directory of Manchester and Salford, 1863, listed Godfried Tegeler, clerk, Egerton Villas, Fallowfield.  This was about a mile SW of Victoria Mount.


The place of registration of the birth of Gustavus shows the family must moved to Bradford in 1862/63.




The chess activity of G. Tegeler in Bradford seems all to date from 1864 and 1865.


He played for Bradford Chess Club in both its matches with Huddersfield in early 1864, on 2nd and 16th of April.


He attended the 9th Annual Meeting of West Yorkshire Chess Association, in Assembly Room of the Philosophical Hall, Huddersfield, on Saturday 28th May 1864, when he participated in the First Class Tournament, in which he defeated, successively, Herman Ammelburg of Bradford and John William Young of Wakefield.  Who was due to play Thomas Staniforth Latham of Sheffield in the final, but both players had to go to catch the train home!


He played for Bradford against Huddersfield in November 1864, beating John Watkinson by two games to one.  A match report described our man as secretary of Bradford Chess at this time.  In the replay in April 1865, Watkinson beat him 3-0.


Move Back to Lancashire


White’s Directory of Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield &c, 1866, listed nobody called Tegeler.  This would be explained by the family moving to Chorlton, which presumably occurred in 1865/66.




At this point fate dealt a cruel blow, as the death of “Johann Gottfried F. Tegeler”, at the age of 41, was recorded at Chorlton in the first quarter of 1867.  It would seem that wife Esther was still carrying with youngest child, Elvira, whose birth was registered in the next quarter.


The Chess Player’s Magazine of 01/05/1867, page 158, said:


We extremely regret to announce the demise of Mr. G. Tegeler, late Secretary of the Bradford Chess Club, and afterwards of Manchester, which recently took place at the latter place after a brief illness.


After His Death


On 14th December 1867, Edward, Isobella, Gustavus and Elvira were baptised at St James, Birch in Rusholme, Lancashire, by J.J. Twist.  The other children seem not to have been baptised at the same place and time.  The place of residence of the family at the time was 23 Park Street, Greenheys.


The 1871 census listed the widow Esther Tegeler, along with 8-year-old Gustavus, 6-year-old Alice and 4-year-old Cloda, living in the household of Esther’s 63-year-old widowed sister, Mary Harris and her son James, at 26 Cranworth Street, Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester.  Mary was described as a provisions dealer and Esther seemingly as an “assistant”, presumably in the shop.  James was a warehouseman.  The three Tegeler children were scholars.  It rather appears that Elvira had died.


The 1871 census recorded 11-year-old Edward as a scholar living at the “Clerks Orphan School” at Cheadle, Moseley, where the principal was William S. Laurie.  Edward was recorded as having been born in Bradford, though the 1881 census gave his birthplace as Manchester, which fits the overall chronology better.  He had perhaps been sent to school originally, as a 5 or 6-year-old, from Bradford.


The 1881 census listed Mary, Edward, Isabella and Alice, as siblings living at 15 April Street, Chorlton upon Medlock, Lancashire.  Mary was a 22-year-old cashier, and Edward was a 21-year-old clerk in a warehouse.  The younger two had no listed occupation.  All were single.  This rather suggests their parents were not around.


The marriage of Isobella was registered in Q3 of 1882, at Chorlton.


Slater's Directory of Manchester & Salford, 1883, listed Frederick W. Tegeler as a clerk living at Belmont Terrace, Anson Road, Rusholme.


The death of Mary Hanna Tegeler was registered in Q2 of 1889, at Chorlton.





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