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11/09/1860, Leeds


08/11/1860, St. Peter’s, Leeds


1916, Wigan



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Thomas William Tate’s parents were Joseph Tate (born 1830/31, Leeds) and Alice Tate (born 1830/31, Leeds).  This couple seems to have had three children, all born in Leeds:


Thomas William Tate

born 11/09/1860

Mary A Tate

born 1862/63

John E Tate

born 1863/64


Entry 1441 of the baptism register of St. Peter’s, Leeds, recorded the baptism there, on 08/11/1860, by Wm. F. W. Torre, of Thomas William Tate, son of Joseph Tate, engine fitter, and Alice Tate, of Ellerby Road, Leeds; the child’s date of birth was given as 11/09/1860.


The 1861 census found the family of three living at 26 Ellerby Road, Leeds.  (27 Ellerby Road was the ragged school.)  Joseph was an engine fitter.


It appears Alice Tate died at some time from 1863 to 1866, as the 1871 census found Joseph with a new wife, Mary (born 1824/25, Leeds).  This couple had one child to add to the step-siblings:


Emma Tate

born 1867/68, Leeds


The 1871 census found Joseph and Mary living with the four children at 61 Ellerby Lane, Leeds.  Joseph was an engineer and smith at a factory.  The four children were scholars.


Joseph was again widowed by the death at some time from 1871 to 1881 of his second wife, Mary.


The 1881 found widower Joseph Tate living with his four children at 43 Crawford Street, Leeds.  Joseph was now an unemployed mechanic.  Thomas was described as an unemployed schoolmaster.  On the bright side, John was a bookbinder.  Mary appears to have left home. Emma was a scholar.


By 1890, John E. Tate had married.  His wife, Florence, was born in 1866/67, in Leeds.


It appears Joseph Tate may have died at some time from 1881 to 1891, as the 1891 census found “T. W. Tate” as head of the household at 43 Crawford Street, Leeds.  Living there were Thomas, a mercantile clerk having presumably given up school-teaching as a career, brother John E. Tate, a bookbinder, John’s wife Florence, and 3-month-old Alfred Tate, son of John and Florence.


The marriage of Thomas William Tate to Annie Burford (born 1864/65, Halifax) was registered in the second quarter of 1891, at Halifax.  Tghe couple had at least one child:


Alice Tate

born 1892/93, Leeds


The 1901 census found Thomas, wife Annie and daughter Alice living at 20 Markham Venue, Potternewton, Leeds.  Thomas was now a printer’s clerk.


At some time from 1903 to 1911, Thomas made a major shift in his occupation.


The 1911 census found 50-year-old Leeds-born Thomas William Tate running a temperance hotel in Wigan, alongside being an assistant insurance collector.  He was described as married rather than a widower, though his wife and daughter were not listed.  He employed two servants and a waitress at the hotel, which was the Grand Commercial Temperance Hotel, 9 Dorning Street, Wigan,Lancashire.  Somewhat incongruously, given the absence of his wife, his sister-in-law, Eliza Ann Morton (née Burford), was visiting him at the time of the census.  In completing the census return, Thomas first put “Eliza Ann Burford” then crossed out “Burford” and put “Morton” instead, thus helping us to identify this person who was identified as “visitor” rather than “sister-in-law”.




The death of “Thomas W. Tate”, at age 55, was recorded in the first quarter of 1916, at Wigan.




“T. W. Tate” (represented one year as “T.N. Tate”) of Leeds attended the annual meetings of the West Yorkshire Chess Association in 1884, 1886, 1887, 1888 and 1889.


He played on board 74 for Yorkshire in the 1884 Lancashire v Yorkshire match.


He played in the first-ever Woodhouse Cup match, Bradford and Leeds in 1885, and played for Leeds for some years thereafter, and as late as 1903-04, if not later.  In the season 1903-04 he had started playing for Leeds St. Martin’s rather the Leeds, the latest dated match in which he played, whose details are to hand, being on 21/11/1903.


He played in the Class C tournament at the 1st Annual Meeting of the Yorkshire County Chess Club, Bradford, 1886.


The “T. Tate” who played on board 46 for Yorkshire in the 1887 Yorkshire v Lancashire match was presumably our man shorn of his middle in initial.


He won the Leeds Chess Club’s Open Handicap in 1895-96 season, which may well have been but one such success in club events.





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