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Made in Yorkshire



Sheffield Sub-Site



1861, York


18/10/1861, New Street Chapel, York


09/12/1909, Parkville, Victoria, Australia



Non-Chess Life


The parents of Harry Percival Sugden were Wesleyan Minister, James Sugden (born 1822/23, Egremont, Cumberland), and Sarah Sugden (née Holdsworth, 1831/32, Horncastle, Lincs.).  This couple had at least the following two children:


Edith W Sugden

born 1857/58, Boston, Lincs.

Herbert J Sugden

born 1859/60, York

Harry Percival Sugden

born 1861, York


The 1871 census found parents James and Sarah, children Edith and Harry, and two servants, living at 31 Walpole Street, Chelsea, London.  Father James was the Wesleyan Minister for Chelsea. Presumably Herbert was away at school.


It would appear that Sarah Sugden died, as James Sugden took a second wife, Mary F Sugden ([maiden name?] born 1857/58, Manchester).  This couple had at least one further child to add to the above two:


Margaret Sugden

born 1869/70, York


The 1881 census accordingly found parents James and Mary, children Herbert, Harry and Margaret, and a servant, living at 5 Kensington Terrace, Headingly, Leeds.  The enumerator recorded 21-year-old Herbert and 19-year-old Harry as brothers of 58-year-old James; presumably the enumerator had grasped the fact that the boys weren’t May’s children, and drawn the wrong conclusion. James was a supernumerary Wesleyan Minister, while Herbert was a theological student, and Harry was a solicitor’s clerk.


Chess records show that Harry Percival Sugden remained in Leeds for at least a short while, but he emigrated to Australia, probably before 1891, as he seems absent from the 1891 UK census.


The 1903 poll book for the South Carlton sub-district of the Northern district of Melbourne, in the state of Victoria, Australia, listed Harry Percival Sugden, solicitor, living at Queen’s College, Carlton, along with (given in alphabetical order, with occupation) Edith Sugden, home duties; Edward Sugden, professor; Margaret Sugden, home duties; and Ruth Hannah Sugden.  Ages and relationships were not given for these other Sugdens.  Edith and Margaret seem likely to have been his sisters mentioned above.  Edward may have been an older brother who had perhaps emigrated to Australia on securing a job at Carlton College.  Ruth Hannah Sugden may have been the wife of Edward.


The 1909 poll book for the Parkville district of Melbourne listed Harry Percival Sugden, solicitor, and Henrietta Sugden, home duties, living at 443 Royal Parade, Parkville.  Probate records confirm what one would guess, that Henrietta was Harry’s wife.




Harry Percival Sugden, of 443 Royal Parade, Parkville, Victoria, Australia, died on 09/12/1909.  Probate was granted to his wife, Henrietta Sugden.  He left effects in England of £1,450.


The registration of his death in Victoria records his mother’s maiden name as Sarah Holdsworth, showing this was in fact our man.




“H. P. Sugden” played in matches representing Leeds in the early 1880s.





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