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Henry Clarence Padgett’s parents were John Padgett (born 1829/30, Guiseley) and Mary A. Padgett (born 1830/31, Guiseley).  The couple had at least the following six children, all born in Guiseley:


Annie M Padgett

born 1854/55

Arthur W Padgett

born 1855/56

Lucy Padgett

born 1857/58

Caroline (“Carrie”) E Padgett

born 1860/61

John A Padgett

born 1862/63

Henry Clarence Padgett

born 1864


The birth of Henry Clarence Padgett was registered in the second quarter of 1864, in Wharfedale.


The 1871 census found the parents, six children and one servant living at Hawk Hill, Guiseley.  Father 41-year-old John was a woollen merchant.  The next household on the census form was that of 36-year-old Guiseley-born William Barrett Padgett, who one suspects was a relative.


The 1881 census found the family still at Hawk Hill, Guiseley.  Father John was a commercial traveller in woollen goods.  Annie was a schoolmistress in a private school; Arthur was a clerk working for the school board; John was a linen draper’s apprentice; Henry was a junior clerk for the school board.


By 1884, Henry had appeared on the Bradford chess scene, suggesting a move from Guiseley to Bradford at some time from 1881 to 1884.


The 1891 census found all but two of the family had moved to 12 Spring Gardens, Bradford.  Henry was listed as head of a household which included his 60-year-old parents, sisters Annie and Carrie, and brother John.  Henry was accountant to the Bradford School Board; father John was a commission agent; brother John was manager in a stuff warehouse.


At some time from 1891 to 1901, Henry moved to East Ham, Essex, to another school-board job.  The 1901 census accordingly found 36-year-old Guiseley-born Henry C. Padgett as one of two boarders at 138 Windsor Road, East Ham, Essex.  He was clerk to a school board.


Entry 318 of the marriage register at Kensington records the marriage, on 02/06/1909, of 45-year-old bachelor Henry Clarence Padgett, a secretary, of 74 Courtland Avenue, Ilford, son of deceased woollen merchant John Padgett, to 33-year-old widow Mabel Katherine Hodgson, of 31 Nevern Square, S. W. London.


The 1911 census found Henry and Mabel living with one servant, but no children, at 75 Courtland Avenue, Ilford.  The couple had no children from Mabel’s previous marriage with them, and the couple had as yet had no children between them.  Henry was “secretary for education East Ham Borough Council”.




Henry appears to have developed some kind of illness, as he died on 19/10/1912 at Essex County Lunatic Asylum, Brentwood, Essex.  Probate was granted to Mabel Katherine Padgett, widow.  He left £627 4s 10d.




According to the Leeds Mercury (whose report was reproduced elsewhere), “A. C. Padgett” of Bradford played for Yorkshire in the 1884 Lancashire-Yorkshire match.  The “A” seems to have been a typesetters misreading of handwritten “H”, or the original writer believed the player was Alfred Charles Padgett who earlier played in matches such as the 1874 Manningham v East Ward match and the 1874 Shipley Liberal Club v East Ward Central Liberal Club match.  However, the Pagett in Bradford chess at this time was Henry Clarence Padgett; Alfred Charles Padgett had by this time been resident in Cheshire for some years.


“H. C. Padgett” played for Bradford in the early years of the Woodhouse Cup (at least 18 matches in the period 08/11/1884 to 14/01/1893).


He played in the first Yorkshire County Chess Club meeting, in 1886.


He played in the 1887 Yorkshire v Lancashire match.


He attended the West Yorkshire Chess Association meeting of 1888.


He played for Bradford in the 1890 Bradford-Liverpool match.





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