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Charles Ogden of Bradford is not to be confused with Charles Burdett Ogden of Leeds.


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The parents of Charles Ogden were William Ogden (born 1840/41, Manchester) and Ann Ogden (born 1841/42, Manchester), who had at least the following three children:


Charles Ogden

born 1862/63, Northampton

Frederick Wm Ogden

born 1866/67, London

Percival W. Ogden

born 1875/76, Salford


The birth of Charles Ogden was recorded in the first quarter of 1863, implying he was born in 1863 or in late 1862.


The 1871 census found parents William and Ann living with the first two children and housekeeper at 14 Southampton Street, Camberwell, Surrey.  Father William was a clerk.


The 1881 census found the family had moved to the parents’ native Lancashire.  The parents and three children were living at 162 Tatlow Street, Salford.  Father William had become a provision dealer.  18-year-old Northampton-born Charles was a reporter, presumably a newspaper reporter.


At some time the Charles Ogden moved to Bradford.  The Post Office Bradford Directory, 1883, listed no relevant Ogdens, but “C. Ogden” is recorded as playing chess in Bradford from 1884 onwards.  His address at the time he married appears to have been in the Horton area.  He changed his chess club from Bradford Chess Club to Manningham Liberals at about the time he got married, suggesting the newly-weds set up their new home in the Manningham area.


Charles Ogden seems to have had a sweetheart back in Lancashire as entry 305 in the marriage register of St. Lukes, Weaste, in the parish of Eccles, Lancashire, records the marriage of 24-year-old bachelor Charles Odgen, a journalist of All Saints’ parish, Bradford, son of grocer William Odgen, on 09/09/1886, to 24-year-old spinster Margaret Walker, of Weaste, daughter of salesman William Walker, by I. H. Carter.


Charles and Margaret had at least the following two children, both born in Bradford:


Henry/Harold F. Ogden

born 1887/88

Harriet/Hilda E. Ogden

born 1889/90


White's Directory of Bradford, Halifax &c, 1887 listed no relevant Ogdens, so Charles and Margaret may conceivably lived for a while in Lancashire, though the birthplaces of the children place them in Bradford from 1888 onwards.  Byles’s Post Office Bradford Directory, 1891, listed Charles Ogden, journalist, 146 Lumb Lane, Bradford, in the Manningham area.


The 1891 census found the parents and two children living at 146 Lumb Lane, Bradford.  Father Charles was a newspaper reporter.  The children’s names had at first been recorded only with initials, but the first names “Henry” and “Harriet” had then been added.  These names are at variance with the very-clearly recorded in the 11901 census as “Harold” and “Hilda”, which seem more likely to be correct.


The 1901 census found the parents, Margaret’s unmarried sister, Florence G. Walker, and the two children at 7 Cunliffe Terrace, Bradford.  Charles was now a journalist and author.


Charles is elusive in the 1911 census, but the Post Office Bradford Directory, 1912, listed Charles Ogden, journalist, short-hand writer, and secretary, at Thorpe Chambers, Hustlergate, Bradford, with his residence at Reynard Villa, Low Baildon, Baildon.




A record of the death of this Charles Ogden is elusive.




“C. Ogden” attended the annual meetings of the West Yorkshire Chess Association as a member of Bradford Chess Club in 1884, 1885, and 1886.  He subsequently attended these meetings as a member of Manningham Liberal Club (Bradford) in 1887 and 1888.


“C. Ogden” played in 1884 Lancashire v Yorkshire match as a Bradford player.


“C. Ogden” played for Bradford in the Bradford v Leeds Woodhouse Cup match, 1885.


“C. Ogden” played for Yorkshire in the 1887 Yorkshire v Lancashire match.





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