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Emil Mielziner was born in Germany, more specifically Prussia according to the 1881 census.  In the 1911 census he himself recorded his place of birth as Thorn, Germany.  Thorn is situated on the Vistula and at the time of his birth, which was before the unification of Germany, Thorn was in Prussia, very roughly 70 miles from the then border with Russian-controlled Poland.  Thorn is now well within modern Poland and is known as Toruń.


He appears not to have troubled the 1871 UK census enumerators.


Emil further helps us in his 1911 census return by stating he became a naturalised British citizen in 1878.  The National Archives tell us his naturalisation certificate, number A2786, was issued on 18/12/1878, at which time he was seemingly resident in Bradford.  He thus presumably settled in England at some time from 1871 to 1878, and presumably earlier than 1878 as there was presumably a qualifying period of residence necessary to qualify for naturalisation.


The 1881 census found 27-year-old commercial clerk Emil Mielziner to be a visitor at the Temperance Hotel at 4 Well Street, Bradford.  Why he should be temporarily at a Bradford hotel, if he normally resided in Bradford, is unclear.


Kelly's Directory of Bradford, 1881, and White's Directory of Bradford, Halifax &c, 1887, seem not to have listed Emil, suggesting he was a boarder or was in lodgings.


The “age” of his marriage as recorded in the 1911 census implies it was around 1888/89 that he married Olga, who had been born 1865/66 at Goslar, Germany.  Olga was presumably one of Bradford’s German community.  The 1911 census said the couple had had four children, all born in Bradford:


John Frank Mielziner

born 1889/90

Alfred A Mielziner

born Jul/Aug 1890

Gertrude Mielziner

born 1894/95

Doris Juliet Mielziner

born 1900/01


The Post Office Bradford Directory, 1891, listed Emil Mielzner [sic], manager, 6 Lindum Terrace, Manningham Lane, Bradford (between St. Paul’s Road and Oak Lane).


The 1891 census found Emil and Olga living with John, Alfred and two servants at 6 Lindum Terrace.  Emil was a stuff merchant’s manager.


The Post Office Bradford Directory, 1898, listed Emil Mielziner, manager, 6 Lindum Terrace, Manningham Lane, Bradford.


The 1901 census found Emil, Olga, four children and four servants living still at 6 Lindum Terrace.  The youngest child, a girl ages “less than a year”, seemed to be named Enna, which doesn’t match the Doris Juliet of the 1911 census.  Enna could have died and Doris born soon after, but the 1911 census said there had been only four live births and all remained alive.  Emil was still a stuff merchant’s manager.


Kellys Bradford Directory of 1901 listed Emil Mielziner, 6 Lindum Terrace, Manningham Lane, Bradford.


At some stage from 1901 to 1911, the family moved to the Manchester area, perhaps as part of the process of setting up in business on his own account.  Accordingly, the 1911 census listed Emil, Olga, four children and one servant living at Lindum House (presumably number 1), Moorland Road, Didsbury, Manchester.  The youngest child was named Doris Juliet, not Enna.  Emil appears to have had fond memories of Lindum Terrace in Bradford, or else the name of his new home was just a coincidence.  Emil was now a velvet and cotton goods merchant.


He evidently lived in Didsbury for 30 to 40 years.




Emil Mielziner of 1 Moorland Road, Didsbury, Manchester, died on 06/07/1940. Probate was given to the public trustee.  His effects totalled £618 3s 9d.




Emil Mielziner played on board 15 for Yorkshire in the 1883 Yorkshire-Lancashire match, losing to Mancunian J. J. Lewis.


Apart from reports of this match, there seem no records to hand of inter-town or inter-county matches in which he played.  He may of course have played chess locally in Bradford.





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