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Biographical notes on Lancashire players who played against Yorkshire, or participated in events in Yorkshire.

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Rev. Wilfred Charles Palmer


01/07/1873, Wallasey, Cheshire; reg. Q3 1873, Birkenhead


24/07/1873, Wallasey, Cheshire


01/09/1914, Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies; probate at London to Edith Mary Palmer; left £268 17s


Henry James Palmer (born 1834/35, Clapham, Surrey; clergyman without cure), Margaret Stewart Palmer


Bernard B Palmer (born 1868/69, Wallasey)

Mary S Palmer (born 1874/75, Wallasey)

Mary Stewart Palmer (born 1872/73, Wallasey)

Cyril Henry Palmer (born 1874/75, Wallasey)

Margaret Edith Palmer  (born 1876/77, Wallasey)


31/12/1908, St John the Baptist, Halifax, to Edith Mary Shoebridge (born 1880/81), spinster of St. John’s Lane, Halifax, daughter of Walter Shoebridge (deceased), jeweller.





03/04/1881: Claremont School, Claremont Road, Wallasey; (school run by father); scholar

05/04/1891: The Vicarage, Cranbourne(?) Road, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancs.; scholar

31/03/1901: ?

24/03/1906: Manchester [per match result]

26/01/1907: Bolton [per match result]

21/03/1908: Todmorden [per match result]

31/12/1908: “Salford Todmorden”; clerk in holy orders [marriage register]

Jan. 1909: moved to Trinidad [Chess Amateur, Feb. 1909]

01/09/1914: The Rectory, Couva, Trinidad, West Indies [probate records]


Played for Manchester Chess Club and Lancashire as late, at least, as 1911.  Moved to Trinidad at some time from 1911 to 1914.



John Milton Pollitt


Born 1851, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester; reg. Q2 1851, at Chorlton


05/01/1912; reg. Q1 1912, Brompton, Kent; probate to Julia Pollitt, widow, and Dorothy Sophia Pollitt, spinster; left £37,110 9s 6d.


Thomas Pollitt, accountant & estate agent (born 1824/25, Bury, Lancs.)

Sophia Pollitt (born 1821/22, Leicester)


Maria Pollitt (born 1848/49, Manchester)

Jessie Pollitt (born 1855/56, Manchester)


to Julia Robinson (born 1856/57, Hulme, Manchester); reg. Q1 1876, at Chorlton, Manchester


Maud J. Pollitt (born 1877/78, Moss Side, Manchester; death at age 18 reg. Q4 1896, at Chorlton

Winifred Pollitt (born 1882/83, Levenshulme)

Dorothy Sophia Pollitt (born 1889/90, Levenshulme)



07/04/1861 [census]: Tamworth Court, Hulme, Manchester;

02/04/1871 [census]: 8 Chorlton Terrace, Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester; clerk

03/04/1881 [census]: [Willow Bank, 18] Park Avenue, Levenshulme, Manchester; accountant

05/04/1891 [census]: Willow Bank, [18] Park Avenue, Levenshulme, Manchester; accountant and estate agent

31/03/1901 [census]: [Willow Bank,] 18 Park Avenue, Levenshulme, Manchester; living on own means

02/04/1911 [census]: Woodlawn, Bickley, Kent; private means. (He signed his own name as “J. Milton Pollitt”.)

05/01/1912 [probate]: Woodlawn, Bickley, Kent


“J. M. Pollitt” of Manchester played in the following matches: 1883 Hull Church Inst. v Manchester Athenaeum, 1883 Yorkshire v Lancashire, 1884 Lancashire v Yorkshire, 1887 Yorkshire v Lancashire, 1889 Yorkshire v Lancashire and 1890 Lancashire v Yorkshire.



Victor H Rylski


(Herr) Victor H Rylski as he was usually known, was in full Victor Hipolite Lawrence de Sabor Rylski.  He had fought with the Polish Legion in the 1848 Hungarian revolution.  He was a member of the Episcopal Church, a Freemason, and a Unionist.  He was more in evidence in chess while living in Ireland.


Born 1830, Poland (Galicia), then under Austrian rule.


05/09/1917, at 2 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road, Belfast; he was buried in Belfast City Cemetery.  His wife had predeceased him.




1856, Belfast, Sarah Jane Newitt(or Newett) (born 1837/38, Co. Monaghan)


Two daughters and a number of sons, including

eldest son Robert Emil Rylski (born 1858/59, died May 1891, aged 32),

Emmeline Edith Rostron (née Rylski, 1863/64, Belfast; “known as Edith”; married Herbert Spruce Rostron, 1909, Blackpool),

third son Alfred Ernest Hudson Rylski (born 21/03/1865, at 50 Pakenham Place, Belfast, died 10/03/1882, on board ship in Baltimore, USA., aged very nearly 17),

De Sabor Rylski (born 21/10/1867, Belfast),

Charles Victor Brereton Rylski (born 1868; married 17/12/1925; died 18/03/1931, at home in  Shrewsbury Park, Belfast),

Leon Louis Rylski (died 17/07/1921, at 2 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road, Belfast).



Spent a long time in Ireland, mainly as a language teacher, before retiring in 1905.

In 1853 he advertised that he had moved to 26 Upper Arthur Street (presumably Belfast), where his French and German classes to meet the usual times.  His terms were one guinea per quarter.  He offered private tuition to individuals, families, and schools.

In 1856 he was advertising tuition in French and German, quoting the address 11 College-Street, Belfast, and alter at both 12 Botanic Road and at 19 College Street.

In 1859 he advertised German Classes at the Royal Academical Institution, Belfast.

In September 1860 he advertised the resumption of his (private) classes at 55 Victoria Terrace, Belfast, (a house with yard and small garden leased from a James Wilson), and was at the same time advising of the start in October of his classes at Royal Academical Institution, Belfast.

In November 1860 he advertised evening classes for ladies, at Belfast Model School, and classes for gentlemen at 50 Pakenham Place, Belfast.

In 1860 he was Master of French and German at the Coleraine Academical Institution, Castlerock Rd, Coleraine, which was founded that year (1860), and advertised that he also offered private tuition.

In 1862 he advertised classes at the new Academy, Franklin Street, Belfast.

In 1862 he was advertising that “a Class for Beginners will be Opened on Friday, the January, at 11th January, at Belfast seminary, 81 Donegal Street”.

In 1863 he was again advertising lessons at Belfast Model School, and a 50 Pakenham Place, Belfast.

In 1868 he became a naturalised British citizen.

By 1871, he had added Spanish to his portfolio of languages offered.

1856; address was 12 Botanic Road, Belfast

1865 & 1868; address was 50 Pakenham Place, Belfast

1871; address was 14 Claremont Terrace (off University Road), Belfast.

1891; address was still 14 Claremont Terrace.

1893: address was 59 Great Patrick Street, Belfast, when he was described as a “merchant” when suing a form of grocers.

1901; address at Eglantine Avenue, Belfast, when a general merchant and agent.

1907; address was in Blackpool (in newspaper list of problem-solvers)

1911; lived in Blackpool (80 years old, widowed retired merchant living with daughter Emmeline Edith Rostron and her husband)


In 1886 he played (for Ireland presumably) against Scotland, drawing with G. P. Galloway.

It is evident he was active organisationally in chess in Belfast in 1890.

In 1892 he was involved (organising or playing) in the 6th North of Ireland Chess Congress

In October 1894 he was elected treasurer of Belfast Chess Club.

He frequently appeared in lists of problem-solvers in Belfast newspaper chess columns.

While resident in Blackpool he played in lower sections of the NCCU Congresses held in Blackpool, e.g. the Minor section at both Blackpool 1908, and Blackpool 1910.




Edward W Ruttle


1856/57,Limerick, Ireland [censuses & age at death]


1918; reg. Q3 1918, at Chorlton, aged 61


Married 1881 to 1884 wife who died at some time from 1884 to 1891


Samuel C, Ruttle (born 1884/85, London)



07/04/1861: ?

02/04/1871: ?

03/04/1881 [census]: Call Quay, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk; commercial traveller for publishers (single)

05/04/1891 [census]: 18 Duke Street, Moss Side, Manchester; commission agent (widowed, with son)

31/03/1901: ?

02/04/1911: ?


He represented Lancashire as a Manchester player in the matches 1898 Lancashire v Yorkshire, 1902 Yorkshire v Lancashire, 1903 Yorkshire v Lancashire, 1906 Lancashire v Yorkshire, 1907 Lancashire v Yorkshire and 1912 Lancashire v Yorkshire.


There was also an Edward Ruttle (without a “W”) born 1855/56, Bretherton, Lancs., cotton-loom overworker, married Eleanor, and had children Edward Ruttle junior (born 1882/83, Blackburn) and Eleanor Ruttle junior (born 1890.91, Blackburn).  The chess-player was always named with the middle initial “W.”, and so was the Irish-born commercial traveller and commission agent.  None of the sources found specify what the “W.” stood for.





Stephen John Mann

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