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Biographical notes on Lancashire players who played against Yorkshire, or participated in events in Yorkshire.

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James Cairns


1842/43, Belfast, Ireland (stated in The Chess Amateur of May 1915 to have been a Scotsman, living most/all of life in Liverpool)


1915; reg. Q4 1915, at Birkenhead, Cheshire, aged 72 (noted in The Chess Amateur of May 1915)


James Cairns (born 1815/16, Sandfield, Ireland)

Sarah J Cairns (born 1811/12, Antrim, Ireland)


Sarah J Cairns, junior (born 1848/49, Belfast)


22/08/1869, Liverpool to Annie Bride (born 1842/43, London), daughter of William Bride


James Cairns, junior (born 1870/71, Liverpool)

Annie Cairns (born 1873/74, Liverpool)

William T. Cairns (born 1875/76, Liverpool)



30/03/1851: ?

07/04/1861 [census]: 40 Richmond Terrace, Everton, Liverpool; currier [leather worker]

02/04/1871 [census]: ?

1871 to 1875 [births]: Liverpool

03/04/1881 [census]: 76 Upper Pitt Street, Liverpool; currier

05/04/1891 [census]: elusive, but presumably as 1881 and 1901

31/03/1901 [census]: 76 Upper Pitt Street, Liverpool; currier

02/04/1911 [census]: 33 Whitfield Street, Tranmere, Birkenhead (with married daughter Annie’s family); currier


A “J. C. Cairns” was reported as playing for Lancashire in the 1887 Yorkshire v Lancashire match; this was perhaps this James Cairns.  “J. Cairns”, of Liverpool, played for Lancashire in the following matches: 1898 Lancashire v Yorkshire, 1900 Lancashire v Yorkshire, 1901 Yorkshire Lancashire, 1902 Yorkshire v Lancashire and 1906 Lancashire v Yorkshire.


There were a number of people in the Liverpool area who might at first sight have been the Liverpool chess-player active, at least, during the period 1885 to1910:

1) James Cairns born 1815/16, Sandfield, Ireland.  He would have been too old.

2) James Cairns born 1842/43, Belfast, Ireland, son of no. 1.

3) James Cairns born 1870/71, Liverpool, son of no. 2.  He would have been too young.

4) James Cairns born 1841, Cavan, Ireland.  He died seemingly in 1901.

5) James Cairns born 1876/77, Rainhill, son of 4.  He would have been too young.

Only no. 2, described here, could have been the chess-player.



Francis Charles Carroll

Carroll, F C.jpg


24/11/1872, Eastney, Portsmouth [1]: reg. Q4 1872, Portsea Island, Hants.


16/04/1903, at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, Rochester [1]; reg. Q2 1903, at Medway, Kent, at age 30


Anthony Carroll (born 1842/43, “Quirrin” [Querrin, Co. Clare?], Ireland; street sweeper),

Jane Carroll (born 1838/39, Portsmouth, Hants.)


Annie S. Carroll (born 1864/65, Portsmouth, Hants)

Catherine Carroll (born 1865/66, Portsmouth, Hants)

Antony Carroll (born 1868/69, Portsmouth, Hants)

Francis C. Carroll (born 1872/73, Portsmouth, Hants)

Martin H. Carroll (born 1875/76, Portsmouth, Hants)

Michael P. Carroll (born 1878/79, Portsmouth, Hants)


In 1888 won a scholarship to a Manchester public school, then won a National Scholarship at the Royal College of Science. [1]


some time from 1891 to 1901, to Grace (born 1872/73, Aldershot)


Michael I. Carroll (born 1896/97, Salford, Lancs.)



03/04/1881: 93 West Dixon Street, Salford, Lancs.; scholar

05/04/1891: 292 Liverpool Street, Salford, Lancs.; science student

1897 to c. 1899: Rochester, Kent (returning to Lancashire about 1899)

31/03/1901: 4 Willis Street, Salford, Lancs.; railway clerk

08/03/1903: returned to Rochester to take up a job with the Rochester Gas Company [1], but soon taken ill and died.


He first played for Lancashire in 1896.

He was prominent at Rochester Conservative Chess Club in 1897 and 1898, winning its championship in 1897 and the Biggs Cup in 1898, in which year the club won the Kent County Cup.  In 1898 won Kent Workmen’s Club (Maidstone) championship. [1]

Back in Lancashire, represented Lancashire against Yorkshire each year from 1899 to 1903: 1899 Yorkshire v Lancashire, 1900 Lancashire v Yorkshire, 1901 Yorkshire Lancashire, 1902 Yorkshire v Lancashire, and 1903 Yorkshire v Lancashire.

At club level he played in the 1903 Huddersfield v N. Manchester, 1903 Leeds v Manchester, and 1903 Bradford v Manchester matches.

He won the Manchester Chess Club’s Gold Medal in 1900.  He shared 1st prize in the Northern Counties Chess Union Class I tournament in 1902.  He withdrew from North v South correspondence match due to illness.  He won the NCCU event, 4th to 7th March, 1903, at Blackpool.


[1] Obituary, British Chess Magazine, 1903, page 200



Charles Coates


1851/52, Manchester; reg. Q1 1852, Manchester


at age 79; reg. Q1 1931, at Salford, Lancs.


Joseph Coates (born 1819/20, Keswick, Cumberland; shoemaker), Mary Coates (born 1822/23, Manchester)


Joseph Coates, junior (born 1848/49, Ireland)

Anna Maria Coates (born 1853/54, Keswick)

John Coates (born 1856/57, Whitehaven)

Robert Coates (born 1858/59, Manchester)

Mary Coates (born March 1861, Manchester)

John Coates (born 1856/57, Manchester

Joseph Coates (born 1869/70, Manchester


on 20/08/1871, at St Mary, St Denys and St George, Manchester, to Martha Renshaw (born 1852/53, ) of 6 Exmouth Street, Manchester, daughter of Samuel Renshaw, fitter & joiner.


12 children by 02/04/1911, including:

Gertrude Coates (born 1873/74, Manchester) – married surname Holmes

Charles, junior, Coates (born 1876/77, Manchester)

Mary Coates (born 1880/81, Manchester)

Jane Coates (born 1881/82, Manchester) – married Sydney Barrie Longden

Joseph Coates (born 1885/86, Manchester)

Samuel Coates (born 1883/84, Manchester)

Arthur Coates (born 1887/88, Manchester)

Clara Coates (born 1894/95, Manchester)

of whom only 7 survived to 02/04/1911.



07/04/1861: 19 Baxter Street, Hulme, Lancs.; scholar

02/04/1871: 3 Garner Street, Hulme, Lancs.; rivet maker

20/08/1871: 3 Exmouth Street, Hulme, Lancs.; rivet maker

03/04/1881: 28 Bunyan Street, Ardwick, Lancs.; carter

05/04/1891: 6 Egerton Street, Ardwick, Lancs.; van driver

31/03/1901: 4 Carter Street, Broughton, Lancs.; evening paper cart driver

02/04/1911: 4 Carter Street, Broughton, Lancs.; cart driver for a newspaper company


Recorded as a Lancashire player of Ardwick from 19/02/1898 or earlier to 02/03/1900, and of Manchester from 23/03/1901 or before 1889 to 17/01/1903 or after.  Then recorded as playing for Cheshire from 23/01/1904 or before to 18/01/1908 or after.


That the chess-player switched allegiance in inter-county chess from Lancashire to Cheshire suggests this may not be the correct “C. Coates”, though the chess-player’s recorded affiliation to Ardwick corresponds to this Charles Coates’s residence.

“C. Coates”played in the following matches for Lancashire: 1898 Lancashire v Yorkshire, 1899 Yorkshire v Lancashire, 1900 Lancashire v Yorkshire, 1901 Yorkshire Lancashire, 1902 Yorkshire v Lancashire, 1903 Yorkshire v Lancashire; then played in the following matches for Cheshire: 1904 Yorkshire v Cheshire, 1905 Yorkshire v Cheshire, and 1908 Cheshire v Yorkshire.



Climenson Yelverton Charles Dawbarn


1859, Wisbech, Cambs.; reg. Q2 1859, at Wisbech, Cambs.


17/01/1951, 12 Adelaide Terrace, Liverpool; reg. Q1 1951, at Crosby, Lancs., at age 91; probate to Christopher Yelverton Dawbarn, chartered architect; left £12,863 9s. 5d.


William Dawbarn (born 1819/20, Wisbech) slate merchant &c. and Elizabeth I. Dawbarn (née Yelverton, 1824/25, Liverpool)


Maria Yelverton Dawbarn (born 1844/45, Wisbech)

Elizabeth Yelverton Dawbarn (born 1845/46, Wisbech)

Harriet Yelverton Dawbarn (born 1846/47, Wisbech)

William Yelverton Dawbarn (born 1848/49, Wisbech)

Robert Yelverton Dawbarn (born 1849/50, Wisbech)

Alice Yelverton Dawbarn (born 1850/51, Wisbech)

Francis Yelverton Dawbarn (born 1852/53, Wisbech)

Joseph Yelverton Dawbarn (born 24/10/1857 [Venn], Wisbech)

Mildred Yelverton Dawbarn (born 1861/62, Liverpool)

Albert Yelverton Dawbarn (born 1862/63, Liverpool)

All the children had the second name “Yelverton”, their mother’s maiden name.  Only Climenson Yelverton Charles Dawbarn, it seems, had a third forename.

Education &c:

Admitted as pensioner to Queen’s College, Cambridge, matriculating at Michaelmas 1876; BA 1880; MA 1884; admitted to Inner Temple 30/04/1890.  (Brother Joseph went to Cambridge, entering the legal profession.  Brother Albert also went to Cambridge.)


to Sophia Farrar Hardwick reg. Q3 1902, at Kendal, Westmoreland


perhaps Christopher Yelverton Dawbarn



Family moved from Wisbech to Liverpool at some time from 1857 to 1861.

07/04/1861 [census]: 47 Everton Brow, Everton, Liverpool

02/04/1871 [census]: Elmswood Hall, Wavertree, Liverpool

03/04/1881 [census]: [presumably Elmswood Hall.] Elmswood Road, Wavertree, Liverpool; articled clerk, BA Cambridge

05/04/1891 [census]: Merelands, Nicholas Road, Great Crosby, Liverpool; barrister

31/03/1901 [census]: ?

02/04/1911 [census]: ?

1911 [Gore's Directory of Liverpool and Suburbs]: business address - Peel Buildings, 5 Harington Street, Liverpool

1938 [Kelly's Directory of Liverpool and Suburbs]: 12 Adelaide Terrace, Waterloo, Liverpool

1939 [Venn]: 12 Adelaide Terrace, Waterloo, Liverpool

17/01/1951 [probate]: 12 Adelaide Terrace, Waterloo, Liverpool


He represented Lancashire in the matches 1900 Lancashire v Yorkshire and 1907 Lancashire v Yorkshire.



Robert Sayle Corlett– see Robert Sayle Corlett (own page)



Anthony Dod


1870, Bebington, cheshire; reg. Q2 1870, on the Wirral, Cheshire


17/01/1960, Sway, Hampshire; probate to Geoffrey Francis Dod, geophysicist, and Barbara Margaret Dod, spinster; left £18,478 0s 10d


Joseph Dod (born 1830/31, Lancs.), cotton-broker, died at some time from 1871 to 1881

Margaret Dod (née Aspinall, 1841/42, Wigan, Lancs.


Ann Dodd (born 1863/64, Bebington, Ches.)

William Dodd (born 1867/68, Bebington, Cheshire)

Charlotte Dod (born 1871/72, Bebington, Ches.)


14/02/1912, at Brightwalton, Berks., to Evelyn Frances Howard (born 23/03/1884, Brightwalton, Berks.; death reg. Q3 1986 at age 102) daughter of Rev. Henry Frederick Howard; reg. Q1 1912, at Wantage, Berks.


Philip W Dod (birth reg. Q3 1914, at Bridgwater, Somerset)

Barbara Margaret Dod (birth reg. Q2 1915, at Bridgwater, Somerset)

Geoffrey Francis Dod (birth reg. Q3 1921, at Alresford, Hampshire)



02/04/1871 [census]: Church Road, Lower Bebington, Cheshire

03/04/1881 [census]: Edgeworth House, Church Road, Lower Bebington, Cheshire; scholar

05/04/1891 [census]: Edgeworth House, Church Road, Lower Bebington, Cheshire; living of owns means

31/03/1901 [census]: 21 Church Road, Lower Bebington, Cheshire; living of owns means

Seems to have left Lancashire at some time from 1905 to 1911

02/04/1911 [census]: Edgecombe, Newbury, Berks.

1914 & 1915 [births of BM Dod & G F Dod]: Bridgwater, Somerset

1921 [birth of G F Dod]: Kilmeston, Alresford, Essex

1931 to 1935 [phone]: Kilmeston, Alresford, Essex

1939 to 1950 [phone]: Locks Lane House, Sparsholt, Hampshire

1951 to 1960 [phone]: Arnewood Corner, Sway, Hampshire

17/01/1960 [probate]: Arnewood Corner,Sway, Hampshire


“A. Dod” of Liverpool represented Lancashire in the matches 1898 Lancashire v Yorkshire (assuming “W. Dod” meant “A. Dod”), 1900 Lancashire v Yorkshire, 1901 Yorkshire Lancashire, 1902 Yorkshire v Lancashire, 1904 Yorkshire v Lancashire and 1905 Yorkshire v Lancashire.





Stephen John Mann

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