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23/06/1879, Leeds


21/07/1879, St. Marks’s, Woodhouse, Leeds


27/02/1910, Leeds



Cecil Woodsend Jeffery was a strong Leeds player who died at the age of 30.


Non-Chess Life


Cecil Woodsend Jeffery’s parents were Gabriel Francis Jeffery (born 1834/35, Cerne Abbas, Dorset), linen draper of Blenheim Square, Leeds, and Eliza Jeffery (née Fletcher, 1846/47, Basford, Notts.)


Gabriel Francis Jeffery’s first wife was Emma Bullock whom he married in 1856 in the West Ham area of Greater London.  This couple had at least one child:


Thomas Bullock Jeffery

born 1861, London


Emma Jeffery died at some stage, and Gabriel Francis Jeffery remarried, to Eliza Fletcher, at Basford, near Nottingham, in 1878.


This couple had at least six children:


Cecil Woodsend Jeffery

born 23/06/1879, Leeds

Alice Maud Jeffery

born Sep/Oct 1880, Leeds

Lizzie Jeffery

born 1882, Horsforth

Beatrice Jeffery

born 1886/87, Leeds

Rose Ethel Jeffery

born 1888, Leeds

Harold Vincent Jeffery

born 1889/90, Leeds


Cecil Woodsend Jeffery was baptised on 21/07/1879 at St. Mark’s, Woodhouse, by James Swift Abbott.


The 1881 census found the parents and oldest three children living at 36 Clarendon Road, Leeds.  Father Gabriel was a linen manufacturer, and eldest son Thomas was a clerk.  The household included three servants.


The next ten years saw a change in father Gabriel’s occupation, as the 1891 census found his described seemingly as a builders[’] and colliery instructor living at 44 & 44a Park Square, Leeds.  Thomas had seemingly left home.  Of the other six children, the eldest four, including Cecil, were scholars.  There were two servants.


Gabriel Jeffery seems to have been fond of his Dorset origins, as after a further change of home, he seems to have named his house after his place of birth.  Accordingly, the 1901 census found the parents, Cecil, Lizzie, Beatrice and Rose living with one servant at Cerne House, 5 Kingston Terrace, Leeds.


Cecil Woodsend Jeffery moved to Torquay around 1903 or so, though was relatively soon resident again in Leeds.


By 1910, Gabriel Jeffery seems to have died.


Cecil Woodsend Jeffery was latterly resident at 27 Clarendon Place, Leeds.


Our man appears not to have got round to marrying before he died early.




Probate records tell us Cecil Woodsend Jeffery of 27 Clarendon Place, Leeds, died 27/02/1910.  Administration was granted to Eliza Jeffery, widow, i.e. his widowed mother.  He left effects of £1,460 9s 10d.




While in Torquay he joined Torquay Chess Club, and around 1905 he won that club’s Winter-Wood Cup.  During his time in Torquay he represented Devon in county matches.  (Chess Amateur vol.4, p.195)


Cecil Woodsend Jeffery spent most of his adult life as a member of the Leeds Woodhouse Cup team, usually in the top half of the team, and often on board one.  He similarly played high up in Yorkshire county teams.


He was Yorkshire Champion in 1905-06 and 1906-07, and maybe in other seasons.


He was Leeds Chess Club championship in 1907, and well as the Rayner Memorial handicap tournament.





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