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1862, Bristol


30/11/1862, St Andrew, Montpellier, Bristol


05/04/1901, Leeds



Non-Chess Life


Frederick Cecil Howell’s parents were Henry Howell (born 1831/32, Bristol) and Amelia Howell (born 1833/34, Bristol).  The marriage of this couple was registered in the second quarter of 1854 at Clifton (next door to Bristol), and they went on to have at least the following five children:


Henry Thomas Howell

born c. 1858, Bristol

Mary Louisa Howell

born Aug/Sep 1860 Bristol

Frederick Cecil Howell

born 1862, Bristol

Albina Howell

born 1863/64, Bristol

Aubrey Lloyd Howell

born 1868/69, Clifton, Glos.


The 1861 census found the parents, the first two children and two servants living at an indecipherable address in Bristol.  Father Henry was a clothier’s clerk.


The birth of Frederick Cecil Howell was registered at Clifton in the third quarter of 1862, at Clifton.


The 1871 census found the family had moved to Walmer Villa, Wellington Park, Clifton, Glos.  Father Henry seemed to be absent from home at the time.  Mother Amelia (described as wife rather than widow) was listed with all above five children.  Fredrick was now only nine years old.


The 1881 census found 20-year-old Bristol-born Frederick Howell (middle name not given) was a traveller by occupation, and was boarding with the Richardson family at 28 Bedford Place, Leeds.


The marriage of Frederick Cecil Howell to Maria Elizabeth Rawsley was registered at Leeds in the first quarter of 1889.  The couple went on to have two children:


Mabel Howell

born 1889/90

Frederick C Howell junior

born Feb/Mar 1901


Tragedy struck with Fredrick’s death while his second child was in the first year of life.




Frederick Cecil Howell died on 05/04/1901, at Leeds.




References to F. C. Howell of Leeds start appearing in 1886, at least once in 1886 as merely “F. Howell” but otherwise as “F. C. Howell”.


He attended the annual meetings of the West Yorkshire Chess Association in 1888 and 1889 (and possibly a few after that), at which time he was a member of Leeds Blenheim Chess Club.


He played for Leeds in the Woodhouse Cup from the start.


For Yorkshire he played both over the board and by correspondence.


He competed in the Yorkshire Championship competition, in 1895 at least, but seems never to have won it.


In 1895-96 he won Leeds Chess Club’s Silver Knight tournament.


His chess career was of course cut prematurely short by his death at age 38.


“A Howell” of Leeds


From 1883 to 1885 there appear references to “A. Howell” playing for Leeds, and the identity of this “A. Howell” is far from clear, and he may have been resident somewhere near Leeds, rather than in Leeds.  He could have been known by a second forename, being, to make up an example, “Frederick Albert Howell”.


Enigmatically, 18-year-old Albina Howell, sister of the above F. C. Howell, was in the 1881 census recorded as visiting the household of a William Allen, in Leeds.





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