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1837, Scotter, Lincolnshire


08/10/1837, Scotter, Lincolnshire


1917, Grimsby




Non-Chess Life


The parents of Henry Guilliatt were Thomas Guilliatt (born 1797/98, Irby, Lincs.) and Ann Guilliatt (née Craggs, 1816/17, Upton, Lincs.), who had at least the following six children:


Elizabeth Guilliatt

born 1828/29, Lincs.

Edward Guilliatt

born 1831/32, Lincs.

Henry Guilliatt

born 1837/38, Scotter

Joseph Guilliatt

born Feb/Mar 1841, Scotter

James Guilliatt

born 1845/46, Scotter

Sarah Guilliatt

born 1849/50, Scotter


The 1841 census found the parents and first four children living at Scotter, Lincolnshire.  Father Thomas was an agricultural labourer.


The 1851 census found the parents and last four children living still at Scotter.  Father Thomas was now parish clerk.  Henry, Joseph and James were scholars.


On 04/08/1857, at West Rasen (a little to the west of the better-known Market Rasen of horse-racing fame) 20-year-old Henry Guilliatt, son of Thomas Guilliatt, married Jane Carr (born 1836/37, West Rasen).  The couple appear to have set up home in Grimsby, and went on to have at least the following seven children, all born in Grimsby:


Fanny Guilliatt

born 1859/60

Frederick Charles Guilliatt

born Oct/Nov 1860

Sarah Ann Guilliatt

born 1862

Edgar C Guilliatt

born 1866

Gertrude Guilliatt

born 1868/69

Rhoda Jenny Guilliatt

born 1871

Harry William Guilliatt

born 1877


The 1861 census found parents and first two children living at New Market Street, Grimsby.  Henry Guilliatt was a national schoolmaster.


The 1871 census found parents and children Sarah, Edgar and Gertrude, living at 93 King Edward Street North, Grimsby, with a boarder.  Henry was still a schoolmaster, and the boarder was an assistant master, presumably at the same school.


In 1877, son Edgar C. Guilliatt died.


The 1881 census found parents and all six surviving children living at 12 MacAulay Terrace, Grimsby, with a boarding schoolmaster and a servant.  Henry was still a schoolmaster, Fanny was a schoolmistress, Fred was a railway clerk, Sarah was a pupil teacher, and Gertrude and Rhoda were scholars.


In 1887, 27-year-old Fanny Guilliatt married Robert Chilton, and Sarah Ann Guilliatt married Thomas Francis.


The 1891 census found parents and children Fred, Gertrude, Rhoda and Harry, living at 23 Littlefield Lane, Grimsby.  Henry, Gertude and Rhoda were schoolmaster, schoolmistress and assistant schoolmistress respectively.  Fred was still a railway clerk.


The 1901 census found little change over ten years.  Rhoda was now a schoolmistress rather than an assistant.  Harry had become a telegraphist.  There was now a servant again.


The 1911 census found parents Henry and Jane, children Frederick, Gertrude and Rhoda, 2-year-old Grimsby-born granddaughter Gertrude D. Guilliatt, and a servant, still as 23 Littlefield Lane, Grimsby.  Given that Frederick, Gertrude and Rhoda were still unmarried, it’s unclear who the parents of little Gertrude D. Guilliatt were.  The absent Harry appears not to have been married, leaving Sarah Ann Guilliatt as the probable mother.




Henry Guilliatt died on 02/04/1917, at Grimsby, while still resident at 23 Littlefield Lane.  He was buried in Grimsby’s Scartho Road Cemetery.  Probate was granted to Frederick Charles Guilliatt, now a cashier, and Gertrude Guilliatt, still a spinster.


After Death


Jane Guilliatt died in 1920 and was interred in Henry’s grave.


Sarah Ann Guilliatt/Francis’s husband, Thomas Francis, died in 1900 and was interred in another grave at Scartho Road.  Frederick Charles Guilliatt died in 1937 and was interred in the same grave.  When Sarah died in 1946 she was interred in her husband and brother’s grave.


Rhoda Jenny Guilliatt died in 1947, and Gertrude Guilliatt in1949, the two being interred in the same grave at Grimsby’s Scartho Road Cemetery.




In those days, some of the most easily reached opponents for chess matches for Grimsby Chess Club were the chess clubs in Hull.  Two examples of Henry Guilliatt playing for Grimsby are the 1875 Grimsby v Hull Church Institute match and the 1877 Grimsby v Hull Chess Club match.





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