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1853/54, Belper, Derbys.



08/03/1925, Dewsbury



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William John Eggleston’s father was William Houghton Eggleston, born at Derby, baptised 10/07/1827 at St. Michael, Derby, son of Matthias and Elizabeth Eggleston.  William Houghton Eggleston married Agnes Emily Smith Bennett (born 1830/31, Alfreton, Derbyshire) on 20/04/1852 at Duffield, Derbyshire, and the couple had at least the following seven children:


William John Eggleston

born 1853/54, Belper

Matthias Isaac Eggleston

born 1855/56, Belper

Agnes Ellen Eggleston

born 1857/58, Belper

Frederick Smith Eggleston

born Jul/Aug 1860, Belper

George Gilson Eggleston

born 1862/63, Belper

Mary Elizabeth Eggleston

born 21/04/1869, Earlsheaton

Gertrude Eggleston

born 26/10/1872, Earlsheaton


Freebody's Directory of Derby, Chesterfield &c. 1852, listed Matthias Eggleston, confectioner, 33 Irongate, Derby, with home at 33 Grove Terrace (home and business address numbers the same).  This might have been our man’s grandfather.  William Houghton Eggleston seems not to be listed.


The birth of William John Egglestone was registered at Belper in the first quarter of 1854.


Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire, 1855, listed William Houghton Eggleston, draper & silk mercer, and insurance agent, at Bridge Street, Belper, Derbyshire.


The 1861 census found commission agent William Houghton Eggleston, his wife, his 76-year-old grandmother, Margaret C. Smith (born 1784/84, Clifton, Derbys.), the first four children, and a servant, living at Bridge Street, Belper, Derbyshire.  William junior, Matthias and Agnes were scholars.


White’s Directory of Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield &c, 1866, listed William Houghton Eggleston, linen draper, Webster Hill, Dewsbury.


White's Directory of Leeds & the West Riding, 1870, listed William Houghton Eggleston, linen draper, Webster Hill, Dewsbury, and Earlsheaton.


The 1871 census found parents William and Agnes Eggleston living at Highfield Road, Soothill, Dewsbury, with all the children except William junior and the unborn Gertrude, and two servants.  Our man, 17-year-old William John Eggeston, is elusive in the 1871 census.


22-year-old William John Eggleston, draper of Earlsheaton, son of William Houghton Eggleston, draper, was married to 21-year-old Annie Murgatroyd (born 1854/55, Alverthorpe), daughter of John Wilbey Murgatroyd, on 28/09/1876, at St. Paul’s, Alverthorpe, by M. W. Tunnicliffe.  The couple had at least the following seven children, all born in Dewsbury:


Florence A. Eggleston

born 1877/78

George William Eggleston

born 1878/79,

Edith M. Eggleston

born 1880/81

Margaret E. Eggleston

born 1884/84

Jessica A. Eggleston

born 1886/87

Harold Houghton Eggleston

born 1894/95

Catherine Muriel Eggleston

born 1896/97


Kelly's Directory of West Riding of Yorkshire, 1881, listed William Houghton Eggleston, linen draper, Westgate, Dewsbury.  Westgate was presumably the address of hid business.  The fact that William John Eggleston was not listed in his own right suggests he was working for his father.


The 1881 census found linen draper William Houghton Eggleston living with his wife, son Matthias, daughter Agnes, daughter Gertrude, three assistants, one apprentice and two servants, at High Street, Dewsbury.  (The apprentice, Frederick B. Wilstone ended up marrying Agnes.)  Eldest son, the chess-player William John Eggleston, was living with his wife, three oldest children and a servant, at Westgate, Dewsbury.  It seems likely they were living over/behind his father’s shop.  Also living with them was his wife’s sister, Catherine Murgatroyd, a dressmaker.


On 25/04/1882, at Alverthorpe, our man’s sister-in-law, Catherine Murgatroyd (born 1853/54, Alverton) married his brother Matthias Isaac Eggleston.


William Houghton Eggleston, late of Earlsheaton near Dewsbury, and Daisy Hill Dewsbury, died on 22/05/1886, at Earlsheaton.  His will was proved by Agnes Emily Smith Eggleston, widow and relict, our man William John Eggleston of Dewsbury, draper, Matthias Isaac Eggleston of Cross Square, draper, and James Verity of Harrogate, numismatist.  He left an estate of £2,563 18s. 2d.


The 1891 census found linen draper William John Eggleston and wife Annie living at Daisy Hill, Dewsbury, the first five children, and three servants.  The oldest four children were scholars.


The 1901 census found William John Eggleston and wife Annie living at 16 Fairfield Terrace, Dewsbury, with all seven children, except George, and two boarders.  William was described as a linen draper and shopkeeper, employing staff.  Florence was a commercial clerk, quite probably in her father’s business.  Edith was a saleswoman in a draper’s shop, again presumably her father’s.


The 1911 census found parents William and Annie with George, Harold, Catherine, 25-year-old Wakefield-born unmarried niece Susannah Stephenson, and a servant, living at Wood Lea, Dewsbury.  William described himself as a silk mercer and linen draper, employing staff.  George and Harold were assistants in their father’s business.  Catherine was a scholar.


At some stage our man moved again, to 1 Ash Terrace, Savile Town, Dewsbury.




William John Eggleston of 1 Ash Terrace, Savile Town, Dewsbury, died on 08/03/1925.  Probate was granted to Annie Eggleston, widow, George William Eggleston, Harold Houghton Eggleston, and Matthias Isaac Eggleston, dryers.  His effects amounted to £10,728 11s. 10d.


Entry 22088 of the burial register of Dewsbury cemetery records the burial there on 12/03/1925 of William John Eggleston, aged 71 years, of Ash Terrace, Savile Town, Dewsbury, in a private grave in consecrated section B38, by F.Wolde.




W. J. Eggleston of Dewsbury attended the West Yorkshire Chess Association meetings of 1881 to 1886, and 1888.  At the 1881 meeting he played in the simultaneous display given by Johannes Hermann Zukertort, losing.





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