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1859, Standon, Herts.


19/07/1859, Standon


14/01/1939, Sheffield


17/01/1939, Sheffield


Non-Chess Life


The parents of Thomas Coulson Chapman were farmer Charles Chapman (born 1826, Standon, Hertfordshire; baptised 31/12/1826, Standon) and Mary Ann Chapman (born 1830/31, Kellington, Yorkshire, 5 miles E of Knottingley).


The 1855 Post Office Directory for Essex, Herts. and Kent listed a farmer named Charles Chapman at “Barhams” (the name of the farm).  This was probably the farm mentioned in the 1861 and 1881 censuses as “Balsoms”.


Charles and Mary Ann had at least the following five children:


Walter William Chapman

born 1857/58, Standon, Herts.

Thomas Coulson Chapman

born 1859, Standon, Herts.

Ann Chapman

born Nov/Dec 1860, Standon, Herts.

James Chapman

born 1862, Standon, Herts.

Eleanor Chapman

born 1864, Standon, Herts.


Thomas Coulson Chapman was born in 1859, at Standon, Hertfordshire, and was baptised on 19/07/1859, at Standon, by the curate, Myers Dallas Malden.


The 1861 census found the parents and first three children living at Standon Lodge Farm, Standon, along with various domestic servants and farm employees.  Ann was only 4 months old.


The 1871 census found brothers Walter, Thomas and James residing as boarding pupils at the free grammar school in Wareside, a district of Ware, Herts.


Father Charles Chapman died in late 1880, or early 1881, and in any event before 03/04/1881 (the date of the census).


The 1881 census found widowed Mary Ann Chapman living with the Thomas, Ann and Eleanor living at Standon Lodge, Standon (presumably not the same as Standon Lodge Farm).  Thomas was now a corn miller.


The earliest chess record to hand of Thomas being in Sheffield is 12/02/1885, when he played against Zukertort in a “simul”.


The 1891 census found Thomas C Chapman, a 32-year-old miller’s traveller, boarding at 4 Catherine Street, Sheffield, in the household of the family of Thomas Wheale, cashier.


In 1896, Thomas married, at Towcester, Northants., Mary Ann Westley (born 1860, Blisworth, Northants.).  Thus his wife’s married name was the same as that of his mother.  The couple had at least two children:


Thomas Westley Chapman

born 1899, Sheffield

Beatrice Mary Chapman

born 1902, Sheffield


The 1901 census found parents and son living at 43 Burngreave Road, Sheffield.  Father Thomas was a buyer and traveller for a corn mill.  The household had a servant.


Directories show Thomas C. Chapman remained resident at 43 Burngreave Road until after the death of his wife.


The 1911 census found parents and two children living now without a servant at 43 Burngreave Road.  Thomas was now described as a miller’s traveller and buyer.


Wife Mary Ann Chapman died at 43 Burngreave Rd, and was buried on 02/021932 in Abbey Lane Cemetery, Sheffield.




Thomas Coulson Chapman died at 71 Archer Lane, Sheffield, on 14/01/1939, and was buried at Abbey Lane Cemetery, Sheffield, on 17/01/1939, in the same grave as his wife. 




Thomas Coulson Chapman

lost to Zukertort in the latter’s 1885 Simultaneous display in Sheffield

played for Sheffield in the 1888 Sheffield & DCA v Manchester CC match

played for Sheffield in five 1888-89 Woodhouse Cup matches

played in the 1890 Sheffield Athenaeum v. St. George’s, Birmingham match

played for Sheffield in four 1890-91 Woodhouse Cup matches

played for Sheffield in three 1891-92 Woodhouse Cup matches

drew with Blackburne in the latter’s 1892 “simul” in Sheffield

played for Sheffield in two 1892-93 Woodhouse Cup matches

played for Sheffield Athenaeum Chess Club in the 1893 Sheffield Athenaeum CC v Sheffield & District CA match

played for Sheffield in the 1893 Sheffield & DCA v Derbyshire match

drew with Blackburne (again) in the latter’s 1896 “simul” in Sheffield

lost to Maroczy in the latter’s 1924 “simul” in Sheffield

played for Sheffield in two 1924-25 Woodhouse Cup matches.





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