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Walter Selway Carey was one of at least three children born to stone mason Lemuel Carey (born 1840/41) and Sarah Hannah Carey (born 1841/42):


Herbert Carey

born 1865/66

Walter Selway Carey

born 1866

Annie Carey

born 1869/70


Walter Carey’s birth was registered in the fourth quarter of 1866, at Bradford.


The 1871 census found parents and three children living at 117 Sterling Street, Bradford.  Father Lemuel was a stonemason.  Herbert and Walter were scholars.


Father Lemuel must have died at some time from 1871 to 1881, as the 1881 census found only mother Sarah, younger son Walter, and daughter Annie living at 4 Ireton Street, Bradford.  14-year-old Walter was employed as “wrapper in dyeworks”.  His mother had no stated occupation.


The 1891 census found mother Sarah living with Walter and Annie at 9 Buxton Street, Bradford.  Walter was now what appears to read “silk seal finisher”.  Annie was a “plush weaver”, which seems to equate to velvet weaver.  (The surname was misspelt “Cary”.)


The 1901 census found the same three living together at 60 Victoria Street, Bradford.  Walter had by now procured a white-collar job, being an assistant relieving officer.  Annie was doing much the same, being a velvet weaver.


Around 1898, give or take a year, Walter married Edith Maud (surname?), who was born 1861/62, in Liverpool.


The 1911 census found Walter Selway Carey and Edith Maud Carey living as boarders with sisters Marion Isabel Douglas and Amy Margaret Douglas at 7 Park Mount, Bradford.  The length of Walter and Edith’s marriage was given only approximately, presumably by Marion Douglas, as “2 or 3 years”.  Walter was an insurance agent.


A ship’s manifest dated 07/10/1937 records the passage of married 70-year-old Bradford-born insurance agent Walter Selway Cary [sic], with last permanent address in Bradford, aboard the President Pierce, from Marseille to New York, arriving on 18/10/1937.  The purpose of the voyage wasn’t given, but he evidently wasn’t emigrating, as he died in Bradford.




Walter Carey died on 10/09/1946, aged 79, the death being registered in Bradford.




“W. S. Carey” attended the 1888 meeting of the West Yorkshire Chess Association.


“W. Carey” played in the Second Class tournament for Yorkshire players at the 1888 British Chess Association congress in Bradford.


He played for Bradford in the Woodhouse Cup in 1899-1900.


He played for Yorkshire in the 1900 Lancashire-Yorkshire match.


He played for Yorkshire in the 1904 Yorkshire-Lancashire match.


He played for Bradford in the Woodhouse Cup from 1905-06 onwards.





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