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“A. Campbell” was a member of Huddersfield Chess Club at least in the period 1854 to 1865.  The only person in censuses and directories who fits the bill is an Archibald Campbell, who was born in Scotland in 1828/29.


He was very probably represented in the 1841 Scottish census, but, without knowing where in Scotland he was born, there is no way is identifying which of the numerous references to a 12-year-old Archibald Campbell refers to our man.


How he came to live in England is unclear, but by 1851 he was working in Huddersfield for woollen merchant Colin Brown, who was described by the 1851 census as employing two clerks, three apprentices and two warehousemen.  Besides Colin Brown himself, his household included his wife and daughter, two servants, the two clerks, of whom 22-year-old Scottish-born Archibald was one, and one of the apprentices.


At some time from 1851 to 1861 he married.  Accordingly, the 1861 census found 32-year-old Scottish-born Archibald Campbell him living at 4 York Place, Huddersfield, with his 28-year-old Scottish-born wife, Marion S. Campbell, and Archibald’s 13-year-old niece, Margaret Forrest, who was a scholar.  Archibald was now a woollen salesman, though it’s not clear whether he was still working for Colin Brown.  The couple now had a live-in servant.  They appear to have had no (surviving) children at any stage.


It seems Archibald was able to set out in business on his own, which might be who he came to move from Huddersfield to Leeds.  Thus the 1871 census described him as a woollen manufacturer and merchant, living with his wife at 20 St. John’s Terrace, Leeds.


The 1881 census found the Campbells at 31 Hyde Terrace, Leeds.  Archibald’s 30-year-old nephew, an agent in the leather trade, was now living with them.  They also had with them a visitor in the form of 52-year-old Huddersfield-born Janet D. Johnson.  They now had two servants.


The 1891 census found the Campbells still at 31 Hyde Terrace, Leeds, but down to just one servant.  Once again they had a visitor, this time 19-year-old Mary S. Osborne, who was not specifically identified as a relation.




The date and place of his final demise is difficult to determine.




“A. Campbell” was one of those present at the 1854 Huddersfield Chess Club anniversary and dinner.  He attended the 1859 annual meeting of the West Yorkshire Chess Association.  He played for Huddersfield in the two matches against Bradford in April 1864, and the one on 29th April 1865.





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