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1864, Whitby



06/09/1939, Whitby


09/09/1939, Whitby Larpool Cemetery


Non-Chess Life


Arthur Horne Calvert’s parents were Robert Calvert (born 1835/36, Whitby) and Isabella Calvert (born 1839/40, Whitby), who had at least the first five of the following nine children:


George Calvert

born 1863

Arthur Horne Calvert

born 1864

Emily Calvert

born 1865/66

Isabella Calvert

born 1868/69

Laura Calvert

born 01/04/1871

Henry A. Calvert

born 1873/74

Robert Calvert

born 1876/77

Herbert Calvert

born 1878/79

Wilfred Calvert

born Oct/Nov 1880


The birth of Arthur Horne Calvert was registered in the third quarter of 1864, at Whitby.  (That’s “H o r n e” not “H o m e”.)


The 1871 census found parents and first five children living at 39 Flowergate, Whitby, which was a grocer’s shop, apparently on the south corner of the junction of Cliff Street and Flowergate.  The household also included a grocer’s apprentice, and a domestic servant.  Baby Laura was listed as only one day old, so was presumably born on 01/04/1871, and she had yet to be named, being “1 yet unnamed”.  Father Robert was a grocer, and George was a scholar.


At some time from 1871 to 1881, Arthur’s mother, Isabella Calvert, seems to have died, as by the time of the 1881 census, Robert Calvert’s wife was Josephine E. Calvert (born 1841/42, Liverpool).  Which of the above four younger children were born to Isabella, and which to Josephine, is unclear without further information.


The 1881 census found parents Robert and Isabella living with all the above nine children and a domestic servant, still at 39 Flowergate, Whitby, which was explicitly stated in the census return to be a grocer’s shop.  Robert was a grocer, but none of the children was listed either as having an occupation or as scholars.


The 1891 census found brothers George Calvert and Arthur Horne Calvert as the only residents at 39 Flowergate, Whitby.  The two were grocers.


Kelly's Directory of N & E Ridings of Yorkshire, 1893, listed Robert Calvert, grocer, and agent for W. & A. Gilbey, 39 Flowergate, Whitby.


At some time from 1891 to 1901, George Calvert took a wife called Phyllis (born 1860/61, Wardington, Oxfordshire).


The 1901 census found George Calvert, his wife Phyllis Calvert, and his brother Arthur H. Calvert, living at 21 Cliff Street, Whitby.  The brothers were still grocers.


The marriage of Arthur Horne Calvert to Josephine Mary Jackson (born 1870/71, Clapham) was registered in the second quarter of 1901, at Whitby.  The couple had the following three children:


Robert Francis Calvert

born 1902/03

Evelyn Mary Calvert

born 1904/05

Ernest Calvert

born 1906/07


The 1911 census found the parents and three children living at 25 George Street, Whitby.


In time, Arthur Horne Calvert came to live again at the shop at 39 Flowergate, Whitby.  Kelly's Directory of N & E Ridings of Yorkshire, 1913, listed R. Calvert & Sons, grocers, at 39 Flowergate, Whitby.  It listed a Robert Calvert as residing at 6 Hanover Terrace, Whitby.  No separate residence was listed for any other Calvert, so Arthur was presumably resident at the shop premises.


In time, sons Robert and Ernest entered the family grocery business.




The Whitby Gazette of Friday, 08/09/1939, under “Deaths”, gave the following:


September 6th, at 39, Flowergate, Whitby, aged 75 years, Arthur Horne Calvert, grocer, wine and spirit merchant.  To be interred at Whitby Cemetery to-morrow (Saturday) afternoon at 3.00 p.m.  Cortège leaves Flowergate at 2.30 p.m.  Friends please accept this (the only) intimation.


Probate records tell us Arthur Horne Calvert of 39 Flowergate, Whitby, died 06/09/1939.  Probate was granted to Robert Francis Calvert and Ernest Calvert, grocers, and Evelyn Mary Calvert, spinster.  He left effects of £2,717 6s 7d.




“A. Calvert” played in the 1886 Grosmont v Whitby match.


The “A. Oliver” who played in the 1890 Grosmont v Whitby match looks rather like a misrepresentation or misreading of “A. Calvert”.  “Oliver” seems not to appear in other matches.


“A. Calvert” played in the 1894 Derwent (Malton) v Whitby match.


“A. H. Calvert” played in the 1894 Scarborough v Whitby match.


“A. Calvert” played in the 1894 Whitby v Scarborough match.





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