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26/02/1816, Guiseley


08/05/1816, Rawdon


23/01/1875, Shipley


St. John the Evangelist, Yeadon


Non-Chess Life


John Marshall Barwick’s parents were Richard Barwick (born 1789, Guiseley) and Julia Barwick, née Dinsdale, who had married in 1814.  Julia Dinsdale was born c. 1785, at Otley, and was a daughter of Walter Dinsdale of Otley, who in 1872 married Elizabeth Marshall, who in turn was a daughter of John Marshall, who had live at Low Hall, Yeadon, and died there in 1786.  Thus was established the matrilineal line whereby Low Hall at Yeadon passed from the Marshall family into the Barwick family.  John and Julia had at least the following three children, all born at Guiseley:


John Marshall Barwick

born 26/02/1816

Anne Elizabeth Barwick

born 1818/19

Julia Barwick (jun.)

born 1820/21


John Marshall Barwick was born on 26/02/1816 according to his grave inscription, at Guiseley according to censuses.


Entry 174 in the baptism register of St. Peter’s, Rawdon, recorded the baptism there, by John Schonberg (or Schomberg?), on 08/05/1816, of John Marshall Barwick, son of Richard Barwick, merchant of Yeadon, and Julia Barwick.


The 1835 Bradford Poll Book listed Richard Barwick at Low Hall, in Yeadon township (Yeadon then falling in the Bradford polling district).


Pigot & Co.'s Directory of Yorkshire, Leicestershire &c, 1841, listed Richard Barwick of Yeadon (with no detailed address), under the “Gentry & Clergy” heading, and also a Mrs. Elizabeth Barwick (Richard’s widowed mother?) at Rawden [the older spelling of Rawdon], under the same heading.


25-year-old John Marshall Barwick seems elusive in the 1841 census, but was apparently was living in Leeds, as Pigot's Directory of Yorkshire, Leicestershire &c, 1841, listed John Marshall Barwick as an attorney at 2 Butt’s Court, Guildford Street, Leeds, “and at Yeadon on Mondays” (perhaps after spending the weekend at Low Hall).


White’s Directory of Leeds & the Clothing District, 1842, listed John Marshall Barwick, solicitor, at Butts Court, 11 Guildford Street, with his home at 1 Park Street, Leeds, also stating that he attended Yeadon on Mondays.  It listed Richard Barwick, gentleman, at Low Hall, also a Miss Sarah Yeadon in Yeadon, but with no specific address, she was perhaps an unmarried sister of Richard.


Richard Barwick, of Low Hall, was the first Chairman of the Yeadon and Guiseley Gas Company, formed in 1845.  The gas works were situated on the south of Gill Lane, at its junction with New Road Side, not far from Low Hall.


Entry 375 in the marriage register of Leeds parish church records the marriage there on 17/04/1844, by W. F. Hook, DD, vicar, of John Marshall Barwick, bachelor, of full age, solicitor, of Queen Square, Leeds, son of Richard Barwick, gentleman, to Jane Smith, spinster, of full age, of Mount Preston, daughter of George Smith, gentleman.  Among the witnesses signing the register were G. Smith, Richard Smith, Geo. Smith (perhaps a brother of the bride), Anne Elizabeth Barwick and Charles Smith.  Father-in-law George Smith was a banker, of Allerton Hall, Gledhow, Leeds.


John and Jane had at least the following two children, both born in Leeds:


John Marshall Barwick (jun.)

born 1846

Julia Dinsdale Barwick

born 1847/48 (died 1929)


White’s Directory of Leeds & the Clothing Districts, 1847, listed John Marshall Barwick, solicitor, now at Change Court, 16 Albion Street, Leeds, where he was also listed as running a Church of England fire/life insurance office.  His home was given as 14 Blenheim Terrace, Leeds (opposite the modern Leeds University campus).


John’s wife, Jane Barwick, died in 1848.  The registration of her death might have been that of a Jane Barwick made in the fourth quarter of 1848, at Richmond, North Yorkshire.


The 1851 census found the widower John Marshall Barwick, and his two motherless children, living with John’s parents, Richard and Julia Barwick, at Low Hall, Gill Lane, Low Yeadon (now part of Leeds).  Also in the household were John’s unmarried sisters, Anne and Julia, and three servants.  Richard was now a proprietor of land and houses, while John was a solicitor.


Low Hall was originally a 17-century farmhouse (a dated stone is inscribed “S W 1685”), and is now a grade II listed building.  The porch is rumoured to have been removed from Escholt Priory in the 17th century.


At some stage from 1847 to 1854, our man entered into partnership, as Bond & Barwick, with Edward Bond, who was resident at Middleton Lodge, Middleton, which was then a village 4 miles south of Leeds.


White’s Directory of Leeds, Bradford &c, 1854, listed John Marshall Barwick, of Bond & Barwick, solicitors and bankruptcy agents, at 17 Albion Street, and with his residence now at Yeadon.


Slater's Commercial Directory of Durham, Northumberland & Yorkshire, 1855, listed father Richard Barwick still at Yeadon, but seems not to have listed John Marshall Barwick by, suggesting he was still living with his parents at Yeadon, though it listed Bond & Barwick as attorneys at 17 Albion Street.


White’s Directory of Leeds, Halifax, Huddersfield, Wakefield &c, 1858, listed John Marshall Barwick, solicitor, of Bond & Barwick, 17 Albion Street, living at Low Hall, Yeadon.  It also listed Richard Barwick at Low Hall, Yeadon, and Miss Sarah Barwick at Yeadon.


In time John remarried.  Accordingly, entry 359 of the marriage register of All Saints, Bingley, records the marriage there on 26/08/1858, by James Cheadle(?), vicar, of John Marshall Barwick, of full age, widower, solicitor, of Leeds, son of Richard Barwick, gentleman, to Martha Murgatroyd, of full age, spinster, of Bank Field, Bingley, daughter of William Murgatroyd Esq.  Among the witnesses signing the register were William Murgatroyd and Richard Barwick.  The bride was born in 1828, at Bradford.


John and Martha had at least one child:


William Murgatroyd Barwick

born 1859/60, Shipley (died 1925)


John’s mother, Julia, died in 1860, and was buried at St. John the Evangelist, Yeadon, in what became the Barwick family grave.


The 1861 census found John and Martha, with John junior and William, living at Victoria Park, Shipley, with three servants.  John senior was a solicitor.  John junior was a scholar; he was educated at Repton School, then Leeds Grammar School, proceeding to St. John’s College, Oxford, where here secured an MA degree.


John’s father Richard died in 1865 and was buried in the family grave at Yeadon.


White’s Directory of Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield &c, 1866, listed John Marshall Barwick, solicitor, of Bond & Barwick, which was now at Albion Place, Leeds, with his home now in Shipley.  Richard Barwick, gentleman, was still listed at Low Hall, Yeadon.  The collation of data for this “1866” directory presumably pre-dated the death of Richard Barwick.


White's Directory of Leeds & the West Riding, 1870, listed John Barwick, solicitor, for once without his “Marshall”, now living at his late parents’ former home, Low Hall, Yeadon.  Bond & Barwick, attorneys, were still listed at Albion Place, Leeds, but Edward Bond now at Burley House, Burley.


John junior was following his father into the law, and became a solicitor in 1872.


John Marshall Barwick junior got married on 29/04/1873 to Emily Taylor Glyde, daughter of William Evans Glyde, of Moor Head, Shipley, and went on to have four children, one of whom, Richard Lavington Barwick, became a graduate of Cambridge University, entering the medical profession.


In time John (senior) moved to the Glenview, Shipley.  Whether “Glenview” was a house or a district is unclear, but was perhaps in the area of Shipley, to the south of the River Aire, where now there are Glenview Road, Glenview Close, Glenview Drive and Glenview Grove.




Probate records tell us John Marshall Barwick, formerly of Leeds, solicitor, but lately of Glenview in the parish of Shipley, died on 23/01/1875, at Glenview.  This was roughly a month short of his 59th birthday.


He was buried in his parent’s grave at St. John the Evangelist, Yeadon.


His will was proved by Thomas Emsley, JP, of the Grange, Burley-in-Wharfedale, and son John Marshall Barwick, of Albion Place, Leeds.  His effects fell into the “under £35,000” bracket.


After Death


After his father’s death, John Marshall Barwick junior undertook restoration and extension work at Low Hall.  Kelly's Directory of West Riding of Yorkshire, 1881, listed John Marshall Barwick [junior] MA, living at Low Hall, Yeadon, Leeds.




“J. M. Barwick” of Leeds attended the Yorkshire Chess Association meeting of 1846.


John Marshall Barwick” of Leeds attended the Yorkshire Chess Association meeting of 1850.


“J. M. Barwick, Esq.” of Leeds attended the Yorkshire Chess Association meeting of 1861.





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