Doncaster Chess Congress


Changes in the Congress for 2018

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The following are changes, as compared with previous years’ events, in the 2018 congress.


First Prize

The first prize in each section has been increased from £250 to £300

Time Control

The is now just one time control, the time limit now being simply 2 hours per player for all moves.  (No setting back the clock after 42 moves.)


Thanks to a loan by Scarborough Congress, digital clocks will be used in all sections this year.  (Added 26/01/2018)

Playing Area

The playing area will be the gym, not the hall used before.  (The amateur dramatic society is preparing the main hall for its latest activities.)

This new room is as yet untested as a playing hall.  Some concerns exist as to sound carrying too easily, so be prepared for “QUIET, PLEASE!” being called out at more frequent intervals.


The people who provided cooked meals and other refreshments up to 2016 retired, and those who took the job on for 2017 have declined to do it again.  Consequently, we are unfortunately unable to offer the same level of catering as in previous years.  Nevertheless, we aim to ensure hot drinks &c are still available on site this year.  (A compilation of appropriate food sources in the immediate vicinity is on the organisers’ “to do” list.)